Two Milestones

Two Milestones On the Same Day!


Last year on August 28, 2016, my husband and I had two milestones on the same day and what a wonderful day that was!   The milestones actually both came at the same time and what an exciting moment that was.  It’s a day that the memories will stay with us forever.




Our oldest grandson married his lovely bride at Reading Farms in Vermont. Talk about an exquisite place, there was a gorgeous old home with acres of rolling hills, peaceful lakes and nothing but peace and tranquility. The entire weekend event was so spectacular.




The beautiful wedding ceremony was held on a grassy knoll at the edge of a small lake and the weather couldn’t have been any better.  Their romance started like hubby’s and mine, meeting on a blind date.  The entire weekend wedding celebration was so special and you won’t want to miss some of the events of when Mr. and Mrs. was Established on August 28, 2016

Rich and I just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary last month with CJ and Achelle celebrating with us.  We celebrated at the same church where we were married in on July 29, 1967 and I hope the memories continue with them for that many years also. No one knew what my dress looked like and I thought it was quite special when Achelle showed up in the same color dress as mine and CJ and Rich both had gray jackets. Either they are mind readers or great minds think alike! LOL





But the second milestone was just as exciting as when CJ and Achelle became Mr. and Mrs.  It was when we welcomed Achelle as our newest granddaughter into our family.  Achelle is a young lady that will melt your heart with her infectious smile, her warm, caring and loving thoughts plus a knock-out personality.  The pendant says it all, she definitely fills our hearts with joy. This is my blog I wrote last year Welcoming Our New Granddaughter 

So here we are one year after the Prince married his Princess and I wish them both the Happiest 1st Anniversary and many, many more to come filled with happiness and beautiful memories. When they hit their 50th anniversary CJ and Achelle can look back as Rich and I did and relive all their wonderful memories.



HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CJ and ACHELLE, Pop and I love you both so much!!











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  1. Andria Perry says:

    They make a beautiful couple! Just as you and rich do.

  2. A lovely story for two families joined by the bonds of love. How wonderful is that!

  3. Martha says:

    Thank for the compliments Andria. They are beautiful on the inside and out!

  4. Martha says:

    Thanks Roy! I’m so happy for them and for us getting such a beautiful and bright granddaughter.

  5. Martha says:

    Thanks Olivia. There is so much love between us! Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  6. the savvy age says:

    Enchanting wedding and couples!

  7. Martha says:

    Thanks Savvy Age! It was indeed two great milestones!

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