Mr. and Mrs. was Established August 28, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. was Established August 28, 2016

It’s been four months since our oldest grandson married his princess and the beautiful wedding weekend is still dancing in my head. Mr. and Mrs. was established August 28, 2016 at Reading Farms in the quaint town of Reading, Vermont.





A magical day for a couple so sweet,
The Prince swept the Princess off her feet.
While in the garden, he got on his knees,
He asked his beauty to marry him please.
Her eyes lit up like the brightest star,
No doubt her answer wouldn’t be far.
The Princess was beaming,
The Prince was gleaming.
A storybook wedding soon will be here
For a wonderful couple I love so dear.





This wasn’t just a “wedding day”, it was an entire weekend!   It started out Friday evening with the guests arriving ot the beautiful home at Reading Farms.  It was a time to greet those we knew and meet those we hadn’t met yet.


The evening was casual and relaxing with pizza and wonderful guests.  Of course I also spied the platter of cookies!


Reading Farms is an old home that had many rooms and everyone was shown where their room was. Hubby and I had room tucked behind a secret bookcase!  All the rooms were so romantic and just like out of a storybook.

Saturday was a day to mingle with everyone taking hikes around the farm, taking a boat ride, go swimming, or just have a relaxing day viewing the scenery.


Late Saturday afternoon, the guests started getting ready for the night before the wedding dinner. Of course there were lots of family photos taken before dinner. I love the picture of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. with their mothers.


Just look at all this food!! The chefs prepared the dinner all afternoon and was it delicious lasagna, vegetables, delicious home-made bread and tossed salad.  The staff cleared the tables and brought out dessert……… YES it was chocolate!!


The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. along with other guests in the huge formal dining room Saturday evening.


But the night wasn’t over yet. After dark, there was the biggest bonfire and we roasted jumbo marshmallows for somores’.  Again, it was just a nice relaxing evening for everyone.



Sunday morning arrived and now we were all getting excited for the evening wedding.  The day started with a delicious breakfast and right after lunch it was time to get spiffed up.  The gals were treated to getting their hair and makeup done while the guys sat around wondering what their lovely’s would look like. Two of our adorable great grand babies were ready to be in the wedding party.

It was finally time!  The wedding was outside on the bank of the lake and what a gorgeous evening it was.  The groom walked across the bridge and shortly after the bride came down the steps and walked across to her awaiting husband to be.   It was just like in a movie, the wedding was perfect!




The bride read her vows, the groom read his and I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere.  CJ and Achelle were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. and what a beautiful bride and handsome groom they are!


The weekend was absolutely wonderful, the wedding was absolutely one of a kind and the bride and groom are truly in love. This weekend was a weekend to remember when Mr. and Mrs. was established August 28, 2016.

I wrote a few previous chapters to this storybook, the first is when  Prince Charming Proposed to his Princess

Then there are the beautiful engagement photos of the  Soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

The night before the wedding my hubby and I were so excited to be Welcoming our New Granddaughter into our family.


Hubby and I just celebrated 51 Years of True Love and seeing how loving and happy our grandson CJ and his lovely bride Achelle are together, one day they can celebrate 51 years of their true love story.


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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Sandy KS says:

    Here is to many more years to come for the newlyweds!!

  2. Martha says:

    Thanks Sandy! The wedding was what you would call a storybook wedding, complete with a prince and princess! I planned to get this written sooner but running back and forth to Ohio for granddaughter, it kept getting on the back burner! So I figured writing it on their 4 month anniversary was perfect!

  3. Brenda Fluharty says:

    I love her dress.

  4. Angelece says:

    Love this and along with the beautiful story and pictures of CJ and Achelle, finally some pictures of all the great food lol. It was a perfect weekend and so happy to meet and spend it with all if you. Cheers to CJ and Achelle’s 51+ years just like you!

  5. Martha says:

    Thanks Brenda, Achelle was such a beautiful bride and her dress was so elegant! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Martha says:

    One of the best parts of the weekend, was meeting you, Angelece! And yes, the food was delicious and the chocolate dessert, well you know what I think about chocolate! LOL CJ and Achelle are a match made in heaven and I’m so glad we were a part of their storybook wedding!!

  7. Glenda Cates says:

    What a beautiful story and it has lead me to more post I can’t
    wait to read. I just may spend all of Sunday afternoon following
    you around.

  8. Martha says:

    I hope you are enjoy my blog Glenda. As you can see, I love to brag about my grandchildren, but I learned 29 years ago when our first grand baby was born, gramma’s have bragging rights! Hard to believe this handsome guy is 29, seems like I was just watching him toddle around!

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