WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – Beautiful New Buds I love this time of year when the roses begin to bloom.  My hubby grows the most beautiful roses and it’s so exciting to see the little buds begin to open and turn into colorful roses. Within a week or so, the rose bushes will be full gorgeous roses! Hope you enjoy my Wordless Wednesday – Beautiful New Buds. People get so busy everyday between family and work.  I’ve been told to take time to stop and smell the roses and I hope

ONCE UPON A TIME     When you hear “ONCE UPON A TIME” what comes to your mind? For me it reminds me of my childhood fairy tales since many of them started with these words. Fairy tales have always been a big part in children’s lives and since Disney animation has become so popular, especially with the new release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Zonderkidz was excited to publish a storybook Bible and also a full-text hardcover Holy Bible.  The art work will captivate young Disney lovers while

Teaching Children About People with Disabilities     I’d like to introduce you to Angel, my guest writer for this blog. Angel, who is as sweet as her name, has physical deformities plus other disabilities.  It’s hard enough for people with disabilities but when people stare or say hurtful things about that person, it is so sad. Angel is sharing her message, hoping that parents will teach their children about people with disabilities.  Please share with any one you think may benefit from this message such as teachers, day care

Delicious and Healthy Beverages with a Cold Brew Maker     I am SO impressed with the Zenzenze Cold Brew Maker, from the packaging of the product, the classy looks. Plus see how easy it is to brew delicious and healthy beverages with a cold brew maker.     The glass brew maker was packed around layers of padded foam to protect it from breakage during shipment.  The foam was molded to the shape of the container and packaged in a sturdy box.  From the packaging, I could tell the

NO APRIL FOOL’S JOKE – UBC STARTS TODAY     Wasn’t it just January and we were participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge?  The past few months seemed to fly by and this is NO APRIL FOOL’S JOKE – UBC STARTS TODAY for the month of April! I stumbled on this challenge January 2016 and it was so much fun meeting new bloggers and watching my stats rise steadily.   The challenge is four times a year, January, April, July, and October.  I have participated and completed the past 5 challenges,

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