Very Very Short Stories We went on a drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and I took so many beautiful photographs. When driving through Cade’s Cove early morning, we were lucky enough to see one of the bear families. Watching mama bear and her three cubs and getting some photographs of them was awesome.  I also snapped some photos of the beautiful butterflies going from flower to flower.  I love capturing the beauty of nature and there are times I put poems together using the photos I took. 

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY WATER VIEWS We took a day trip to Cherokee NC and traveled through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to Cade’s Cove and Clingman’s Dome.  These are just a few of my Wordless Wednesday Water Views that are so breathtaking!  The last three pictures were taken above the clouds about 7000 feet!  I love the rays in the first picture, God is shining down on his beautiful work.   I hope you enjoyed the beautiful sites from western North Carolina. All the photos were taken with my Google

Easy to Make Fruit Smoothies     I love smoothies and make them occasional for an evening snack but lately I’ve realized they make a filling and nutritious breakfast drink!   My easy to make fruit smoothies have hardly any calories and taste delicious.  I always “experiment” by adding different fruits and flavoring but the one I made the other day was oh so good! The ingredients are simple for my recipe, I use fresh frozen mixture of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries picked from a local farm this summer

BEANS, SAUSAGE, HAM MEAL I’m always looking for delicious meals that are both easy to prepare and economical.   I was reading some posts on Facebook the other day and my friend had the most awesome looking crock pot meal so I asked if she would like to share her recipe.  Chantel R. cooks like I do, her recipes are in her head, she doesn’t measure and adds ingredients as she cooks!   This is Chantel’s delicious recipe for her Beans, Sausage, Ham meal that she is sharing to my

Dodgers Faced Adversity     ADVERSITY: Difficult or unfavorable situation.  For today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge this is the suggested topic to write about. I had a few ideas in mind but after watching Game One of the MLB National League Championship Series I decided to write about how the LA Dodgers faced adversity during the game.   The MLB National League Championship Series had their first game on Saturday October 14, with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs at Dodgers Stadium.  During the 7th inning of the game LA

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