About My Blog How I Got Started   I’m so excited, the Ultimate Blog Challenge for July has begun and I’m happy to say I haven’t missed writing a blog for the month yet!  Oh wait, it’s only the second day! LOL But have no fear, when I set me mind to something, I have the NEED to complete it. I’m always up to a challenge and I turn it into my own personal goal to get to the end. But if by chance the brakes are put on, I

July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge     Do you know what today is? It’s July 1st, the beginning of the July 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge!  The last challenge was in April and while I completed the challenge, I have really slacked off on blogging since then.  My schedule has been so busy between work, my earning sites, planting the garden and life in general.  But now I’m ready to get focused and begin the challenge once again AND hopefully complete it once again!   I have so many ideas that

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS FROM ERA ORGANICS     I recently had the opportunity to try skin care products from era organics which included DEAD SEA MUD THERAPY, CLEANSE + RESTORE, and RELIEF.   Since I prefer using natural and organic skin care products, I was excited to put them to a test.   DEAD SEA MUD TREATMENT – This mud therapy is pure dead sea mineral mud (not powdered or water down like some muds are) that is enriched with organic aloe vera plus manuka honey, coconut oil, shea butter, and

Great Selection of Braids at Black Hairspray This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.       If you are searching for braids, look no farther than Black Hairspray.  They have the greatest selection of braids at Black Hairspray plus braid caps and care of braids. I like the variety of styles, lengths and colors available and they are all high quality and very reasonable prices.       This beautiful Mane Concept Synthetic Afri-Naptural Braids – Cuban Ripple in Jet Black can be styled in many ways

Cave Tools Grill Master’s BBQ Tongs     There’s nothing worse than picking up a piece of steak and have it slip through the tongs because they don’t grip well.  But with the Cave Tools Grill Master’s BBQ Tongs I don’t have to worry about that because the oversized clamps are a perfect grip for that delicious steak.  With the superior strength and the stainless steel 20% thicker, the BBQ Tongs are designed for durability.   The tongs are easy to hold with the rounded stainless steel and they are

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