The Age Factor: Later Life Conception with Donor Eggs Guest Post written by Heidi Hayes, CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA When it comes to most things, the old adage “age is nothing but a number” usually rings true. Whether she has an interest in traveling or striking up a new hobby, a woman always has options and shouldn’t be dissuaded from trying something just because of her birth date. Conceiving a child, however, is one of the things that can be more difficult, or even impossible, later in life. 

 My Liver Take Two   The other day I wrote about the benefits of beef liver being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, not to mention it tastes great, if you like liver!   Check out the healthy benefits here: BENEFITS OF EATING BEEF LIVER I shared one of the recipes I use in that blog and since I’ve had requests for the other way I prepare it, I’m sharing My Liver Take Two.  Both are so delicious and quick and easy to prepare.  The one thing you have to do when preparing

  BEEF LIVER IS A RICH SOURCE OF PROTEIN, VITAMINS & MINERALS There are only about 54 calories in a 1 ounce serving of beef liver so it’s great for those watching calories.  Besides being a delicious and economical meal, beef liver is a rich source of protein, vitamins & minerals.   Beef liver provides one of the richest sources of amino acid for cell growth.  It also has a high amount of Vitamin B12 which helps manage nervous system disorders.   Liver is rich in iron which helps with the

NATIONAL PIZZA DAY Today, February 9, is National Pizza Day!  Who doesn’t want to celebrate with a delicious pizza!   I found this interesting article about the beginnings of pizza, so grab a slice and read up!       Who does not love pizza? We all do. But before you take a bite out of your favorite slice, we would like to ask you something. Do you know the rich history of pizza? Humble Pizza Beginnings Before pizza came into existence, there was focaccia – a Roman dish that

BLUEBIRDS on WORDLESS WEDNESDAY Sharing some backyard pictures of our bluebirds on  Wordless Wednesday!  Hope you all enjoy your day.   I love watching the birds!

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