NATIONAL KINDERGARTEN DAY So I just found out today, April 21st is National Kindergarten Day! I never knew this so I did a search and most of the information was about how to celebrate this day with your Kindergartener.  But what if you graduated Kindergarten 63 years ago, can we still celebrate it? I was 5 years old in 1954, the year I entered Kindergarten in a one room school-house.  If you have watched Little House on the Prairie and remember seeing the school-house on the show, that’s just

Gardening Tips From Rich How To Have Beautiful Roses       I did something different today for my blog topic. I posted on my Facebook wall asking my friends if they had any suggestions they would like me to write about.   My friend Mary W. was the first to reply and one of your suggestions was Gardening Tips from Rich.  Since it’s the perfect time for the flowers to bloom, that’s a perfect topic!  I’m going to give you some of Rich’s tips on how to have beautiful roses.

Wordless Wednesday Beautiful Roses I love the spring time and watching the roses in our garden as they start little buds and magically upon into a beautiful roses. Some of our rose bushes have multiple colored roses on each bush.  They all smell so delicious!  I hope you enjoy Wordless Wednesday Beautiful Roses. The last two photos are the different colored roses on the same rose bushes.  The three single rose buds are the beginning of my time-lapse of from the time the rose starts to bud until it blooms

Bird Feeding Station From Junk       I just can’t seem to part with anything, I always think I can use it for something.  I saved an old rusty metal table from the trash and after working on ideas, I came up with my bird feeding station for junk.  We have many bird feeders and blue bird houses in our backyard and I enjoy watching all the different birds. I had a great time making my bird feeding station plus it was all made from junk!  This is what

No Easter Dinner Easter morning starting out with hubby and I watching the beautiful sunrise.  We then watched Easter Mass at the Vatican with the Pope, another glorious sight.  I had made a cake the day before and I made brownies before I but the ham in the oven. But that was as far as I go, we had no Easter dinner. I made a very easy Easter cake.  It was just a package cake mix but I took out about a cup of batter before spreading the rest in

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