THURSDAY TREE LOVE 19 Today I am sharing THURSDAY TREE LOVE 19 with you.  But I also need help with my tree this week.  This is a beautiful, perfectly formed tree in Indiana but I don’t know what kind it is!     This tree is in my granddaughter’s front yard and she has found the perfect spot to sit and view the surrounds.   I have checked online but was not able to find a tree with a pod or seed as this tree has. If you have any

Ocean Views for Wordless Wednesday We live a stones throw from the ocean but hardly go see it. I took these Ocean views for Wordless Wednesday at various times.  The first one was on a beautiful sunny day, I love the seagulls on the shore.  The last photo was taken last October just before Hurricane Matthew was getting ready to come ashore. If you want to explore deeper oceans, you first have to leave sight of the shore.  This has been my motto, don’t just wonder if you can do

URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS Have you or anyone you know ever experienced a urinary tract infection? The urinary system consists of your kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra. A UTI is caused by bacteria entering the urethra (the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body) and infecting the bladder. Due to having shorter utethras, women are more than 3 times likelier than men to be diagnosed with a UTI. In fact, 40% of women will likely experience at least 1 bladder infection sometime in their life,

NO MILK NO PROBLEM I like to follow the National Calendar Days to see what is being celebrated each day.  Some of the days are prefect for me like today, Sunday July 23rd it’s National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.  Now vanilla ice cream is not my favorite, I need my chocolate!  But this worked out perfectly since I ran out of milk and no milk no problem!     We are going out-of-town tonight but I ran out of milk on Friday and knew I wouldn’t use even half a

Pennies From Heaven In my blog yesterday, I wrote about the items I plan to carry on my 50th Wedding Anniversary. One item is the last penny I found on the ground, sent by my mom in heaven. I had a few readers ask about that, so here is my story about Pennies from Heaven. When our loved ones pass on, there are some that send us signs letting us know they are okay or they are thinking of us and sometimes they aren’t just pennies. This happens often with

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