Ninety Days From Now The October Ultimate Blog Challenge is winding down with only three days left! Once again it has been an exciting, fun-filled month not only writing my blogs but reading all the other participants blogs and learning so much from them.  It’s now time to map out where I would like to be in 90 days since that is the suggested topic for today.  Ninety days from now would take me to the end of January which means I will have had my blog for three years.  When

                              God’s Big Plans for Me   Be sure to enter below for a chance to win a copy of this wonderful Storybook Bible Contest starts 10/29/2017 12:00 AM and ends on 11/5/2017 at 12:00 AM   Give-a-way has ended and I’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Naomi W!!!!   What a high quality hard covered book with glossy easy to read pages. God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible is a wonderful book with forty Bible

National Chocolate Day 2017 Today , October 28th is the day that is declared National Chocolate Day 2017 and that means EAT CHOCOLATE!!   Did you know that chocolate comes for the seed of a cacao tree?  The seeds are very bitter and they have to be fermented for the rich chocolate flavor.  After the seeds have been fermented, the beans are dried, cleaned and roasted.  The shell is then removed after being roasted to produce cacao nibs.  The nibs are ground into cocoa mass, which is pure chocolate in

FALL WEATHER This is a short poem I wrote after my hubby brought me in the few leaves that had started to change color.  It’s about the changes coming with the fall weather approaching.   The weather has changed, The temperature dropped. The fireplace is ready, The wood is all chopped.     The leaves once were green, They’re now a bright shade. Go view them now, Soon they’ll all fade.   A trip to the farm, For pumpkins and squash. Don’t forget apples, Oh my gosh!    So pull

RED MIXER Since I love to bake, last year had decided to splurge and get a new mixer.  I even put a post on Facebook that I was going to bite the bullet and spend almost $400.00 for a really cool, heavy-duty red mixer.  My readers were excited since they know I’m so frugal. It actually wouldn’t have cost anything out-of-pocket since I have saved the cash back from our credit cards for things like this.  Well once I get my mind-set to get something I start double guessing, do

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