GREAT JULY 2017 ULTIMATE BLOG CHALLENGE     Where did the month go? When I started the challenge, I thought I might have problems writing a blog everyday since I was going  out-of-town the last week of July to renew our vows for our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  But I did it, I wrote 31 blogs and had a GREAT JULY 2017 ULTIMATE BLOG CHALLENGE! But it wasn’t great just for completing my 7th Ultimate Blog Challenge in a row, it was also for re-connecting to previous bloggers plus meeting some

DELICIOUS BROWN SUGAR SALMON SAUCE     I’m at it again with my salmon. Publix had their wild caught U.S. Salmon on sale again so I stocked up! I am coming up with new recipes and for this meal I made a delicious brown sugar salmon sauce.   I bought 2 good-sized salmon filets and cut them in half, making enough for 4 meals for me. It figured out to be about $3.00 per meal for the salmon, cheaper than a burger!  Since hubby isn’t a salmon lover, I surprise him

HAPPY GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE   This is a poem I wrote for our special day, HAPPY GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE.   A young girl and guy, Met on a blind date. It was love at first sight, The ring cannot wait.   A wedding was planned, The date had been set. A year and a half From when they first met.   It’s been 50 years Their love is still strong. Together forever It doesn’t seem that long.   Today is their day, 50 years have gone by. As

Flashback Friday     While I was checking my Time Hop of things that happened in the past, it had a blog I posted a year ago. I thought the blog would be worth posting about again since many people have vegetable gardens. The post I wrote last year on this day was how I freeze eggplant from my garden and I thought it was perfect for my Flashback Friday blog for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.   We don’t have a large yard so our garden is only an 8

Sponsored post STRESS FREE VEHICLE SHOPPING   Do you find it overwhelming when you are searching to purchase a vehicle? The normal routine for me is to decide on the make and model then proceed to a dealer. Once there, the sales person can be very intimidating at times and seems to want to make a sale immediately.  I was so glad I found to help me search for the perfect car without the hassle. Whether you are in the market for a new or used car, this site

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