I want to share a few tips on how I maximize my earnings on the online earning sites.  There are so many on the internet but you have to make sure they are legitimate.  I have done my homework through the years and while I had over 20 earning sites, I have weeded it down to the ones that I can earn the most in the shortest time. Set a daily goal on the sites you earn from                    My goal is

I have had many scented candles but none have had such a beautiful fragrance as the one I received from Amour Scents. I choose Evergreen Citrus because I love the smell of evergreens. With the mix of citrus it was a wonderful sweet smell. The aroma started as soon as I lite the candle and was carried through out the house. I love it! But that’s not all, I also received a beautiful pendant!                   I started burning my candle at 12:30

Oh my gosh, was I surprised when I saw how great this strainer was! It is lightweight but holds so much. The silicone is soft but heavy duty. It’s two strainers in one, for small items needing strained, I just popped out the center and when I strained a full pot of macaroni, I popped out the entire inside. The large handle makes it easy to hold and it’s very sturdy. This is not just a strainer, but it is also a steamer! I love steamed vegetables but I don’t

I have a toy poodle and the fur on his legs and ears are like a magnet to matting. His skin is also very thin so when I use a sharp wire brush, it hurts his skin. I was very impressed on how well this dematting comb worked to remove the mats but didn’t hurt his skin. I like the two different sizes of combs and the non-slip handle made from silicone gel is very comfortable for gripping. If you want your pet to have an enjoyable grooming, I highly

With this vacuum wine pump, there is no worry about your wine getting stale. This vacuum pump makes it so easy, just add the rubber seal and pump until resistance is felt which removes the air and it preserves the taste of the wine. I also like how much easier it is to use the rubber seal after opening instead of the original cork. This is also great on the less expensive wines that don’t have a cork. With the rubber seal, it keeps the wine much fresher than the

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