This is a very well made knife sharpener with a comfortable handle to grip. I have so many dull knives and when I was given an opportunity to receive this product, I knew I wanted to give my honest and unbiased review for it. The knife sharpener is so different from others, it has a two stage sharpening system. The coarse blades is made of tungsten carbide to sharpen dull blades and the fine blades have ceramic rods to finish your sharpening. This product will save so much money from

The Superior Bright has got to be the best flashlight I’ve ever had! I have never seen a multi purpose light with so much power. This is not just a flashlight, but it’s also a work light with about a 5″ strip of two rows of powerful lights on the flashlight barrel. Works great when working on vehicles or any place where you need more light or to use if you lose power. If you click the flashlight three times, the row of lights blink red, great for any emergency

This milk frother is amazing!   It’s all stainless steel, has two speeds and easy to clean.   I love my chocolate milk or hot chocolate but when I mix it up, it usually leaves bits of cocoa powder.   Although this frother is for making a nice creamy topping, it also mixes and dissolves all the powder.  I would recommend not filling the cup or glass all the way because it needs room to bubble.  If too full, you cup will bubble over! Just look at the delicious creamy top on my

  Vitamin C Serum can do so much to help your skin get back to that refreshed and glowing look. I am so pleased with this Vitamin C serum, especially because it is made with organic and natural ingredients. With the dropper, it’s so easy to use and no worries about spills. I use only a few drops, rub it on my face and it dries quickly and non greasy. My skin feels so refreshed and even after using it for a short time, it’s softer but firmer.    

Add fresh or frozen fruit to plain water and get a delicious, all natural taste! This is the most awesome water bottle I have seen! I drink lots of water but water is water, blah. With this bottle, you can add fruit in the center capsule, drop it in the bottle and it will flavor your water with natural ingredients. The longer you leave it, the more flavor the water will be. Do you like iced tea? Fill the capsule with raspberries and have raspberry tea! So many different kinds

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