I was checking through my history and for some reason I found some very old Bubblews hidden there.  Trinity, my youngest granddaughter, started writing stories when she was about eight years old and I would add them to my Bubblews.  One of my Bubble connections from India dubbed her as “the Little Kid”.   If he didn’t see a post from her, he would alway ask where and how the Little Kid was. Trinity is now eleven years old, it’s time for the Kewl Kid to write another story! On

If you are in the market for a new IPhone or IPad charger, you will want to make sure the cable is MFI, meaning it is 100% compatible with Apple products.  If you use a cable that does not have this rating, you may get an error message or it may work only temporarily on your devices after iOS updates are done. I have purchased many IPhone charger cables where I thought they were Certified Apple only to find out the were knock offs. This cable has a larger diameter,

My oldest grandson is 27 years old, but since he was a little tyke, I knew he would make it to the top and be successful.   CJ was always inquisitive, competitive and of course so lovable. With his great attitude, there was no stopping him to climb that mountain to be what he wanted to be and go where he wanted to go.  I want to share a part of his blog on his daily routine. Since the new year is here, I need to get back in a

  It’s been way too long since I’ve written a Bubblew so there is no time like the present to get back at it! It’s seem so long since I’ve written a Bubblew so it’s time to get back to writing! I had my throat scope today at 7:00 AM which was original scheduled for the 20th. After I got in the procedure room, they stuck this huge mouth guard with a hole to stick the probes down, I was a bit worried that I would have a panic attack

                                                                                                                                                         See this cool looking pen?  Well look again, it’s a full sized fishing pole!

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