Resistance Loop Band Set  5 Extra Strong Exercise Loop Bands This resistance loop bands are great for anyone from a beginner to advanced. Each 10″ x 2″ band has different strength resistance from extra light up to extra heavy and made from natural latex for strength and durability. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth and dry quickly. Whether you are into general fitness, physical therapy rehab, toning or strengthening, the loop band set by Sport2People will get you in shape. I was offered this product to examine

Unscented Gentle Makeup Remover Wipes Gentle Non-Drying by MADesigns     The first thing I liked about Expression Wipes was the packaging. It has an easy to open pull tab and after you pull a wipe out, it reseals to prevent the wipes from drying out. The wipes are soft but strong and don’t rip or break apart when removing your make up. I like that they are unscented and they don’t leave my face greasy or oily. My face dries fast when I use them and being alcohol free,

BoTy Dogs Dog Poop Bags in Bulk – 400 Green Waste Bags So do the math, there are 20 rolls with 20 bags per roll so enough bags to last for a long time!  Since everyone should pick up after their pooch, this is a very good price for 400 bags. They are 100% biodegradable and once you have picked up the waste, tie it up and there is no odor. Each roll has a tab at the beginning and is easy to insert in your dispenser if you have one,

Liquid Chalk Markers-10-pack of Fluorescent Markers-high Quality Liquid Chalk Pens- Reversible Tip Markers-use Chisel Tip or Bullet Tip-easy Wet Erase Markers This 10 pack of liquid chalk markers are fun to use and the fluorescent colors are super bright. Each marker has a clip on the cover to attach to a pocket if needed to take on the go.  The package even includes two extra tips in case you accidentally damage one. When first opening your liquid chalk markers, you will need to prime them to get the ink on

Fruit Infusion Pitcher – Shatter Proof Acrylic – 3 Quart By Decodyne I drink mostly water but plain water is blah. By adding fruit to the water, it makes a very healthy and refreshing beverage. This pitcher is a beautiful shatter proof acrylic that looks like glass and it’s a full 3 quarts. There are so many things from fruit, vegetables, mint leaves and other herbs that can be added to the center cylinder. There are slots the entire length and around the cylinder so the fruit can interact with

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