Have you ever lost something special and after searching and searching, it’s no where to be found?  That’s what happened to me a few weeks ago and I was heartbroken over my lost necklace that I thought was lost forever.


On July 29, hubby and I celebrated out 50th wedding anniversary and we went 1000 miles back to upstate New York to the church we were married in on July 29, 1967 to renew our vows.  I wore the necklace that my sweetie had given my on our 45th anniversary. It was a gold heart with our names engraved on each side along with our birthstones.


We went back up again for my 50th high school reunion on the weekend of September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th where we stayed at the Landing Hotel in Schenectady New York.  The reunion started on Friday evening with a meet and greet to reconnect with classmates, some as far back as Kindergarten!   I put my special necklace on and hubby and I went off for a great evening.

Saturday morning reunion plans were a tour of our high school and Saturday evening was a wonderful dinner at the Edison Club, the same place we had our Junior Prom back in 1966.  When we got back to the hotel Friday evening, I took my necklace off and wanted to put someplace where I wouldn’t forget to wear to dinner Saturday evening.  I thought I put it on the desk and didn’t think about it until we were getting ready to leave for dinner.  My necklace wasn’t on the desk so I checked on the floor thinking maybe it fell off the desk.  Hubby and I looked everywhere, all the drawers, the bathroom, the floor and even the trash can under the desk.  Now my mine was totally blank as to where I put it, maybe I didn’t even put it on the desk. So we opened all our luggage, the toiletry bag and my tote bag.  I was excited when I found the little gold box I keep the necklace in when I’m not wearing it in the suitcase…..but it was empty!

By now it was time to head to dinner so we headed out to the car. Once there I scoured the glove box just in case I had brain fade and I removed it before we got back to the hotel room.  Nope, not there, my beautiful necklace from my sweetie was gone forever.

The reunion was great, the hotel stay was fabulous but we left knowing I would never see my necklace again.  We got back home to South Carolina on Monday and I decided to call the hotel front desk just to see if by chance someone found it.  Nothing had been turned in but the young woman took my phone number in case it showed up.   As I was preparing dinner on Tuesday evening, the phone rang at as soon as I saw the caller ID, “Landing Hotel”, my heart raced wondering if they were calling to let me know they didn’t find it….or did they find it.   The young woman I spoke with previously said housekeeping found it in the room but didn’t know where!  I was SO EXCITED that my necklace had been found and returned to the hotel office.  I asked if I sent a returned addressed envelope could they send it to me but she told me they don’t send valuables, but they would keep it until we went back for a visit.  After I told her we were 1000 miles away, and that it really wasn’t valuable to anyone except me, she agreed to me sending it up.  The very next day we went to the Post Office, I got a small padded envelope, had the PO put Priority postage on it and I stuck it in another envelope to send to the Landing Hotel.


My necklace was in the mail box this afternoon when we got home from work! I was so excited to have it back but I wish I knew who found it and returned it!  Thinking back, the only place it could have been was on the end of the bed and when we moved the blanket, it got covered up.

So whoever it was at the Landing Hotel that found my necklace in room 323, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  For Nina at the front desk, THANK YOU for keeping my necklace secured in the safe until it was mailed to me.   Not only is the Landing Hotel a magnificent place to stay but their staff is top-notch also.

If any of my readers are planning a trip to upstate New York, you need to check out the Landing Hotel with beautiful views of the Mohawk River from the rooms.  Everything is over the top and I can’t wait until we make our next trip to Schenectady, The Landing Hotel will be our home away from home every time we visit.  When we returned home, I wrote a review of the MAGNIFICENT LANDING HOTEL, check out how beautiful the rooms are, the amenities and the food!

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Martha Demeo

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  1. LadyInRead says:

    that is so wonderful, Martha.. I know I have found stuff that I believed I had lost as well (though do not recall what they were at this time) but the feeling when we find that long-lost-treasured-item is not forgotten!!
    I finally arrived at your blog today during this UBC… but have been loving your updates and totally enjoyed the photos of your 50th wedding anniversary

  2. Martha says:

    I was so excited when I received the call LadyInRead! I’ve been keeping up in the challenge but so busy at work I don’t have time to write them the night before. We so much enjoyed our anniversary and will be writing about my 50th high school reunion that I just had. Thanks for stopping by!

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