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Today is the 22nd day of the July Ultimate Blog Challenge and what an easy topic! The daily email I received for today’s topic is to write a blog about a service or product that I sell.  For my blogger friends that don’t know about our family business, here’s my story and I’m sticking to it.





When I was growing up, my grandparents lived with us and Nanny was an excellent seamstress.  I would watch her sew beautiful garments and although I never had sewing lessons, I learned the trade by watching her sew. My grandmother made the Christening gown in the early 1900’s for her children, then I wore it, our children wore and plus our grandchildren.  I was lucky enough to being caring for this gown and will pass it down to one of our grandchildren to carry on the tradition.  Nanny also made my beautiful  Fast forward to when Rich and I got married in July 1967 and I started an alteration business. That led to dressmaking where I would sew everything from dresses, pant suits (yes that was a big thing in the ’60’s), men’s suits  then on to prom and bridal gowns.  It was so much fun designing the gowns without patterns.  Our local country doctor was hosting a convention and when his wife called and asked if I could make a slipcover for their sofa, even though I had never tackled anything like that, I knew I had to try.




pillows2               pillows4
The slipcover was a success and we were now into fabricating slipcovers and window treatments.  As time progressed and we were so busy with dressmaking, altering and window treatments, we know it was time to focus on one branch of sewing and I loved creating window treatments, so it was then that Mar-C’s Interiors was created.  Many people think my name is Marcie but they realize that’s not so after I explain what Mar-C’s stands for.



I took the first letter of our names  Martha and Rich – Children (Christine & Cyndi) to come up with our unique name. Thinking back, it was interesting how our tiny sewing business in our home has turned into an interior decorating business with a store front.

Over the past 49 years we have met many wonderful clients that have recommended and referred us to others. We don’t advertise other than word of mouth and referrals.   I enjoy creating window treatments that start out with a sketch and we don’t use patterns.

GDfr       GDea








All our creations are fabricated at our in store workroom where friends and clients come in, pull up a chair and chat while we sew.  We call ourselves a one stop shop, “Measure, Create, Fabricate, Install”.   People have asked when do we plan to retire and since Rich is only 70 and I’m hitting 68, we have  a lot of creativity left in us.  When you love what your do, it’s hard to call it “work”.



It was an honor for Mar-C’s Interiors to be voted Best Home Designer and Decorator last year.  We were nominated again for 2016 but the voting hasn’t been finalized yet.



My motto is “If you want to explore deeper oceans, you first have to leave sight of the shore”.  When someone asks if we can make this or that, we never say no. If we haven’t tried, we won’t know if it can be accomplished and once we figure it out, we know if can be done.



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Martha Demeo

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  1. Cindy says:

    Such talent!! Beautiful work!! My mom sews – she taught herself to sew on a Singer Treadle (sp?) machine. She still uses that. She also designs her own patterns for curtains and other things around the house. I have not ever taken much time to learn, and it is a skill I plan to work on one day. But for now I will stick with my culinary ventures and admire the art you and others like you create. Amazing!!

  2. Martha says:

    Some of the life skills are slowing fading away Cindy. I had the old Singer Treadle machine also! We have taught all our grandchildren (boys and girls) to hand sew at 3 years old and machine sew a pillow at 5. While they don’t plan on doing this type of business, they will at least have a few skills for hemming or sewing on buttons. My mom was an excellent cake baker and decorator, I sure didn’t inherit any of her skills, my best is opening a box of brownie mix. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The Savvy Age says:

    wonderful entrepreneurial story! i am sewing challenged unless absolutely necessary,

  4. K. Lee Banks says:

    What a wonderful family business! Congrats on your success!

    I also have a “kreative” business that I have called K-Lee’s Kreations. I make customized quilts, pillows, bags, and other items. My specialty is adding imprinted photos.

    Your photos and items are beautiful. Very impressive! Best wishes for continued success.

  5. Sandy KS says:

    I think you are very talented. I love seeing your different creations. It is a talent I do not have. I can sew little stop. But that’s about it.

  6. Martha says:

    I enjoy being creative in the window treatment I design and my hubby’s motto is, We don’t do ugly! My mom decorator beautiful cakes she made plus did awesome knitting, neither of which I could do. I’ll stick to my sewing! Thanks for stopping by Savvy Age.

  7. Martha says:

    That sounds like fun K. Lee, do you have a website? I’ll go check for K-Lee’s Kreations. What a cool name! Thanks for you compliments and visiting.

  8. Martha says:

    Thanks Sandy, seems like everyone has their one talent tucked away, whether it be sewing, baking, gardening or anything else. Thanks for stopping by.

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