Tuna with Oil or Water

Tuna with Oil or Water

I love a good tuna sandwich and I usually purchase tuna with water.  The other day I mistakenly picked up ten cans of tuna in oil and didn’t realize it until I returned from shopping. But I also came up with a new way to prepare my tuna.  Do you prefer tuna with oil or water and why is either your preference?

I use an organza bag like a Nut Milk bag that is used for soaking nuts and put tuna in it. When using just water I drain the water and the tuna stays in the bag, no more lost tuna when draining from the can.  Well today I tried something new!  I added the tuna with oil in the bag and ran cold water over the organza bag.  The water rinsed most of the oil from the tuna and then I squeeze the bag to get the excess oil and water out.   After I emptied the bag of tuna in a mixing bowl, I added the mayonnaise.  Now I love cheese so I added a slice of Swiss cheese, put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and the cheese melted and the roll was so soft!


My tuna sandwich was delicious and so much tastier with just water but not oily when using just oil.  Of course with the soft roll and the melted Swiss cheese made it just like a gourmet sandwich.


The best tuna sandwich I’ve had was from Earl of Sandwich on Artisan bread. I always wondered why my tuna never tasted like theirs.   I’m not sure what method they use but by rinsing the oil based tuna with water, my sandwich was a pretty close second to the gourmet sandwich.

Such a simply meal but so delicious with my new method to prepare my tuna sandwich. What’s the cost you ask?  The package of six rolls was $3.00, three cans of tuna at 50 cents each totaled $1.50 and a few slices of Swiss cheese were maybe 50 cents.  For four sandwiches, that figures out to be $1.25 each with two extra rolls with breakfast!

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Martha Demeo

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  1. Martha, yum! You are on one of my favorite subjects. I always use tuna in water, both for flavor and fewer calories. Lately, to cut back on salt, I’ve been using Trader Joe’s unsalted tuna in water. I make many flavors of tuna salad, but my favorite is “American Style”. For that, I use Trader Joe’s original mayo (no soy) and an equal amount of organic sweet pickle relish. Stir lightly and you’re done. Much faster than mincing fresh onion. I’ve never melted the cheese into it– great idea! Thanks for an appetizing post!

  2. LadyInRead says:

    though i do not eat tuna.. i can definitely use your saving strategies!! and i need to get to adding my recipes more often now with my new blog.. will update it some more before i send it out to all (you are one of the first to preview and review on my new blog ladyinreadwrites.com,!)

  3. Looks yummy! I have always preferred the oil. I always liked the flavor it added.

  4. Katherine Leighty says:

    I used to get Tuna with oil but now I purchase it at Costco Instead of regular store…they sell restaurant quality Chicken of the Sea…so it is big chunks of tuna! So you don’t lose any draining it like the those in regular grocery stores…the Chicken of the Sea in a regular grocery store is not the same…it is like all the others in regular store…tiny pieces afloat in either water or oil…Den and I are on an Atkins diet so I make us a tuna salad…lettuce, pickle, onion all run through food processor, hand full of shredded cheddar and mayo mixed together…makes a good sandwich like this too!

  5. That tuna sandwich looks absolutely delicious! Admittedly, whether in water or in good oil, I like them both. When in oil, I just don’t add mayonnaise to it.
    That will be my sandwich tomorrow – stimulated me. I have ingredients in the house.

  6. Chatone says:

    Hi Martha! Now this was a delicious post! I don’t often eat tuna, but I’m going to try this with canned salmon. Thanks for the tips! And you are so right about the cost savings. Makes a huge difference. 4 tuna subs (subpar quality) from a place like Subway would be nearly $20!

  7. Was the tuna with water the same price as the tuna in oil? I think I still prefer “packed in water” myself.
    But I won’t freak out if I buy like you did! Good info!

  8. Martha says:

    Something about a tuna sandwich, it’s quick and easy to prepare, delicious to eat, inexpensive and can add a variety of other ingredients for a yummy taste. I also add sweet pickle relish at times after I make hubby’s sandwich, since he’s not a pickle lover. LOL I’ve also added shredded cheese to the mix and when I melt that, I get a mouthful of melted cheese with every bite! I also like to have a hot cup of tomato soup with a tuna sandwich on cold days! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your tuna Kebba!

  9. Martha says:

    I feel so honored that I was one of the first to preview your great new blog LadyInRead! I’m looking forward to see what yummy recipes and other blogs you will be writing about! I’m hoping to get my recipe book going soon!

  10. Martha says:

    Years ago, all tuna was in oil, then the in water appeared. A can of tuna use to have more chunks instead of tiny shreds of tuna. I became use to eating it packed in water but when I prepared the oil packed tuna by rinsing it with water, I was surprised at how much better the flavor was. Since it’s the same price, I may just have come up with a delicious new meal! Thanks for visiting my kitchen Jeanine!

  11. Martha says:

    Hmmm, that sounds great Katherine, big chunks sound so much better than the little sliver pieces they have in the cans. We use to have a Costco account but didn’t use it enough to make it worth while, I may have to rethink that. I love a good tuna sandwich or even a breadless sandwich with the tuna on a leave of lettuce! Thanks for the great idea to run through the food processor, love adding cheese to my tuna.

  12. Martha says:

    Glad I planned your dinner Ute! Something about a tuna sandwich, it’s filling, delicious and quick and easy to prepare. I was amazed how much more tastier the tuna was with oil even after I rinsed it. Enjoy your sandwich!

  13. Martha says:

    I love salmon also Chatone and make it the same way. I like to have my salmon on a bed of lettuce instead of bread. Not that I’m an el-cheapo but I’m always looking for ways to save, stretch meals but have them healthy and filling. For $20, I could make dinner for a week! LOL Egg salad sandwiches is another favorite of mine. Thanks for stopping by, let me know how your salmon turns out.

  14. Martha says:

    The tuna was the same price for water or oil Anne, I just didn’t realize I picked up the oil. After rinsing the oil packed tuna I was amazed at how it had so much more taste to it. I love tuna and it’s such a simple, quick and delicious meal! Thanks for stopping by for a sandwich!

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