Sunshine and Happiness

Sunshine and Happiness



Life isn’t always sunshine and happiness for teens.  Some try hard to please everyone only to be knocked down.  For many in this situation, they would feel sorry for themselves and complain how things aren’t going their way.  For others, they get up, dust themselves off and start walking down a new path without looking back.


This is about a young man whose life for the past few years has been a challenge but he kept walking forward.  He is now 18 years old but has basically been on his own for the past 2 years.  While a senior in high school, he held down a full-time job and bought a car.  The car ended up needing more work than it was worth so he sold it and while it hurt him to see it go, he continued to work to saved up for another car.


This young man who was such a hard worker but also excited to finish school.  He looked so handsome at his high school graduation in May of 2016 at 17 years old.  When he turned 18, he left his foster home to move into his own apartment and continued to work as a server for as many hours as he could. In the back of us mind he knew he wanted to find a better job, hopefully working with automobiles.  He filled out applications for as many places he could and when a well-known auto detailing shop asked him to come in for an interview, he was so excited.  He went to the interview and was hired on the spot! The following Monday he went in for orientation and was to be in training for the next two weeks.




While he was so excited about his training, the owner was impressed as to how thorough he was on the detailing projects and he was told they were giving him his own booth the following week after only 4 days of training.  This young man is such a hard worker and so detailed in the detailing he does.  Just look at the difference of the before and after of this car engine.

But he did have help getting his life back on track and how totally happy he is now.  Seems like when a young girl was in 8th grade, she had a crush on a 10th grade handsome guy.  Fast forward about three years later, the two re-connected and they are so in love. She is almost 17 and he is almost 19. She is a junior in high school and since she has doubled her classes, she will be graduating a year early. Such a smart young lady who also works full-time plus going to school.


Many people think this is too young for people to know they are in love but when I was 16 I fell in love with a handsome guy who was 19.  That was almost 52 years ago and we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this July.  I see these two young love birds following in our foot steps.




This young couple has set their goals high but both are so determined to move forward and make a beautiful life together. Since he works in auto detailing, his hands take a lot of abuse but and I love the picture of their hands with the caption she put on it. “His hands look like this so mine can look like this”.


But they have gone one step further and thought about the future. I love how they have set their goals high and came up with a figure they want to have saved in their money jug by next year, even making a monthly chart for it. Check out the positive message he wrote on the chart by July.



Two loving and determined young people who are thinking ahead and saving for a house already! I have no doubt they will succeed in life and it will be filled with sunshine and happiness! I’m so proud of my grandson and the love of his life!!

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  1. Sandy KS says:

    He has been through a lot but seems to have a good head on his shoulders. That is a good thing.

  2. Martha says:

    Yes, he has a very positive attitude and so does his lovely girl friend. He considers his past few years a learning experience and moves on to better things. Thanks for stopping by Sandy.

  3. The Savvy Age says:

    Wise beyond their years – 🙂 –

  4. Martha says:

    Yes they are Savvy Age. I’m so proud of them! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Andria Perry says:

    Beautiful article Martha, and I love the photo of you and Rich when you were young.

  6. Martha says:

    Thanks Andria, I’m just so proud of how my grandson turned something into a learning experience and has moved on to having bigger and better life. He is so wise beyond his years. Thanks for stopping by.

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