How are you doing with the Ultimate Blog Challenge? I don’t know about you but I get so excited when a new quarter starts because it gets me back on blogging track!  I checked my stats after seven days and what a jump from the last seven days when no challenge!   On July 1st I had 50,613 views and 7 days later, it jumped to 51,325.


I really slacked off on blogging the past few months and it really showed in my stats!  I compared the last 7 days of June to the first 7 days in July when the Ultimate Blog Challenge started for the quarter.  Talk about a big difference, the last week of June I had 255 views and the first week of July it jumped to 712! That’s almost three times the traffic!  But as I was searching through my stats, I found something very interesting.



There is a tab on the left side of my graph that says to click for ENHANCES STATS. Now it may have been there all along, but I never saw it!  So I clicked and I saw how there are two different colors in each bar on the graph.  The lower one is the total number of visitors for the day and the higher one is the total number of views.  So now this got me thinking again.  I checked some of them that had even numbers and I realized on those I did not have other blog links in my blog.


So I did an experiment and wrote a blog with a few others blog links in it and that’s where I saw a big jump in views.  Just as an example, on July 6th I wrote a blog about my berry sauce I made for my salmon plus I put a link to an earlier blog about a lemon sauce that I usually make.  On July 7th, I had 111 visitors with 166 views and after checking the blogs that were visited, most came from my salmon blog.

For the entire month of June, I received 1328 views and in the first 7 days of July, I have already had 712 views. I started my blog on December 25, 2014 and in the past 2 1/2 years I have not only enjoyed writing blogs but also learning new things about my blog site.  Thanks to me stumbling on the Ultimate Blog Challenge I have learned so much from the other bloggers also.  No matter what our age, we can always learn something new.

This is an interesting blog from the April 2017 challenge where it compares the stats from April 2016.

Did you track your stats after seven days and again at the end of the month? If so, how are you doing compared to previous blog challenges?



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Martha Demeo

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  1. I use views as a monitor- and I also use the number of subscriptions to my blog as another.
    By the way, I learned (the hard way) to only send my subscribers a link- and not the whole blog. Because if you send the whole blog, they don’t visit the site and your stats go to hell. (I thought I lost a half million viewers. Well- i did. In that they didn’t visit the site. Now, my stats are back up.)

  2. Glenda Cates says:

    I had meant to track things but life has gotten crazy here with buying a new home and Vacation and leaving again tonight. So as long as I can make a post each day and get one or two comments I am a happy camper. As this is much more than I had been getting. I just Pray it keeps up once the challenge is over.

  3. Bushra says:

    Great your stats are blooming congrats. I’m still struggling though found good traffic UBC works wonders

  4. Sara Beth says:

    Hi, Martha. Those are impressive stats. I’m seeing a little bump in unique page views compared to the same time in June.
    I usually post 1 or 2 times a month so I know that once this challenge is over, my views will decrease. Now, what I’d really want is to convert those views into community members.

  5. I always seem to have more views (& visitors) on my blog during challenge months. Sometimes it even carries through to the middle of the following month. So I really love the increase in stats. One thing that I have noticed over the years of participating in it though, is that the more effort you put into visiting in other participants the more views you will get in your own.

  6. Martha says:

    This is so true Patricia. I enjoy visiting and reading other blogs and I also share them to another social site for more exposure. I’m having a great time blogging, especially with challenges. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Martha says:

    When there isn’t a challenge I try to post at least once, if not twice a week. I have noticed that I’m getting more readers connecting to my other social sites also. Thanks for visiting Sara!

  8. Martha says:

    I’m loving all the wonderful bloggers I’ve met through the UBC Bushra. I’ve followed so many more blogs and others have followed mine since joining this great challenge. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Martha says:

    I enjoy reading your blog Glenda and once the challenge is over I continue to follow the steady ones. It’s exciting to read what other bloggers have to say. Have a great vacation.

  10. Martha says:

    That’s a great tip Roy, thanks! What I found out,some non bloggers will look at my FB post and see the picture and short writeup but don’t realize they have to click the picture to get to the blog. I have started to leave the link along with the other and I’m see more views now. Thanks for stopping by.

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