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The Ultimate Blog Challenge is in the final days!  For day 29 the suggested topic is Share a Photo about you, your family, your work or a product you’ve created.  Well that was a no-brainer, I’m going to share a few window treatments we designed for a beautiful home.  The treatments are what we call simple elegance and the drapery hardware adds elegance also.


This large opening in the living room is 254″ wide and 121″ long.  The glass panels all stack neatly in the five feet section of wall on the left.  I calculated the dimensions for fabricating the sheers so they would stack totally off the window wall when opened.  The drapery hardware is a designer metal 2″ decorative traverse rod.  The twenty-one foot, one piece custom rod went from one end of the window wall to the other with decorative end caps.  Our installer did a fantastic job on the installation of the hardware and sheers.  Whether the sheers are open or closed, it is a very elegant look.


We mimicked the same treatment and rods in the dining room plus the indoor swimming pool can be viewed from both rooms.  Some times a simple but elegant treatment is all that is needed for an “AHHH” look.  The entire color scheme is different shades of grays and blues.  The sheers are a soft gray, fabricated seamlessly so there are no seams to interfere with the beautiful view.  They also have a beaded weighted bottom hem so no bulky hem shows and the drapery hardware has a satin nickel finish.  Elegant all the way!!



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Martha Demeo

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  1. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing, Martha.

  2. I loved the chandelier and entryway in the first picture!! Is that your home? I also loved the sheer curtains!

  3. Doug says:

    Hi Martha, I like the colour of the drapes. Is that a natural wood trim in the ceiling or just a trick of the lights? I can see how the simple rods in the dining area can be elegant.
    It is interesting to see what you are doing when you are not blogging.

  4. Kemkem says:

    Beautiful. Simple, yet elegant describes it perfectly 🙂

  5. Vidya Tiru says:

    this is so beautiful. loved the blue on the walls and its contrast with the color you picked for the curtains

  6. Martha says:

    Thanks Roy, this was a wonderful client to work with!

  7. Andria Perry says:


  8. Martha says:

    Every room has a chandelier Jeanine! This home belongs to one of our clients, we designed and fabricated the window treatments. The view from the pool, off the living room, is the Intercoastal Waterway, just breathtaking! Thanks for visiting this home!

  9. Martha says:

    Thanks Doug, when privacy isn’t an issue, I love sheers as it filters the light but doesn’t block it out totally. The ceilings and molding are white, just a trick of lights. Also in the living room, they didn’t want a sofa, all the recliners swivel so whether guests want to chat together or swivel around and view the pool and waterway, they have the choice. My hubby and I have owned out decorating business for 50 years and it’s very it’s very rewarding to step back after the install to see our creations. Then I come home and blog!! Thanks for visiting!

  10. Martha says:

    Sometimes this is the best style Kemkem! Thanks for taking the tour!

  11. Martha says:

    Thank Vidya, every room has a shade of blue and gray except the guest room, that is silver and lavender! The master bath has a custom made stained glass window with a cross, designed by the owner. Exquisite!!

  12. Martha says:

    Thanks Andria, Rich and I love turning a house into a beautiful home.

  13. Sgolis says:

    Wow, the light fixtures are amazing…many rooms look like display homes, you did a wonderful job at decorating the space,

  14. Martha says:

    I love the chandeliers especially the blue color in the dining room Sgolis. I enjoy decorating and the simple elegant look is perfect for this home. Thanks for visiting!

  15. the savvy age says:

    Loving the simple and elegant treatments!

  16. Martha says:

    Thanks Savvy Age, so do I! Some times less is more. Thanks for visiting.

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