Join the Perdue Crew and earn monthly gifts. I received a collapsible storage container, a silicone baking tray and tote bag. Check it out!

This is such a great site. Do simple offers, surveys, watch videos, earn points for gift cards and Paypal. I’m cashing out weekly!  

This is us way back in 1966!                                                       And almost 50 years later. Do you know what you were doing last Christmas eve, day? How about five or ten years ago, do you remember your day? Well, I can remember 49 years ago on Christmas eve day, I was excited, nervous, and anxiously awaiting for Christmas to arrive. Click on the link to read my story!

  I have tried many dog shampoos but none have worked as great as this one. It’s both a shampoo and conditioner plus it’s 100% natural. Our toy poodle has very sensitive skin and after shampooing him, I can easily comb him out with no tangles. The below link will give you more information and pictures of my pup after his bath and another after brushing him. Great product!

I was impressed on the quality of this wine decanter aerator. I did a trial where I poured wine directly from the bottle in one glass then used the aerator for the other glass. The wine that was filtered through the aerator was much smoother and it didn’t seem to be as bitter as the other glass. The aerator umbrella device easily removes for cleaning and it even comes with a stand for when not in use. It is high quality, made of resin type plastic but looks and feels

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