Folding Cane by VIVE – Best Adjustable Lightweight Walking Stick for Men and Women This is the perfect cane to have when traveling. It’s made from aluminum with a nice black lacquered finish with gold pins to adjust the height from 30″ to 36″, very classy looking for both men and women. The super comfortable hand grip also has a wrist strap for easy carrying plus you don’t have to worry about slipping with the slip resistant rubber tip. Whether you are traveling by train, bus or bike, you can

Adjustable Quad Cane by VIVE – Best Lightweight Walking Stick for Men and Women – LIFETIME GUARANTEE (Bronze)   What an ideal cane for those that need extra support when walking or standing. First, the cane has a beautiful gold finish with a comfortable hand gripe. It can easily be adjusted to your height, from 28″ to 37″ with just a simple operation with brass pin locks. But the thing that makes this cane so different is that it has four sturdy feet for more stability. The feet have non

  This Vive offset cane is lightweight but so sturdy. It has a very comfortable hand grip with a wrist cord loop. The cane adjusts in height from 29″ to 38″ plus has a thick rubber foot to prevent slipping.   Being offset, it puts your weight on the strongest part of the cane. I was offered to try this cane in exchange for my honest review and it is perfect for my husband who is handicapped. The aluminum makes in lightweight but it can support up to 250 pounds.

                                   Frozen Xplosion smoothie mix, 3lb bag My favorite drink is a fruit smoothie but they usually turn out watery. When I added 1/3 cup of this smoothie mix to 2/3 cups of fresh frozen berries, 6 ounces of water and a cup of ice, it made the most delicious berry smoothie. I did add about half a glass more of ice to thin it to my liking. This product is lactose and cholesterol free and is great for smoothies, frappes or bar drinks.  I was given an opportunity to

I never realized all the benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil. I wanted to try this to reduce stress and headaches but I never knew it would help with my breathing problems. I had a mini stroke six years ago that affected my vocal chords and throat. This caused me to have asthma type symptoms but when I added this peppermint essential oil in my diffuser, I noticed immediate relief in my breathing. The product is 100% pure and natural without any additives plus it is manufactured in the USA. It

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