While checking out essential oils sites for my new Mammoth Allie Aroma Diffuser, I came across a wonderful website, Young Living Essential Oils.   After viewing it, I was very impressed on all the information that was written in a way that was easy to understand.   It was very interesting to read how the company was born. It discusses Pure Therapeutic Oils plus Everyday Essential Oils.   If you are searching for an oil, but not sure which one you need, the website has a list of the oils with the properties that

Infuser Water Bottle By Young & More – BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Made From Eastman Tritan – 24 Oz Four words – I love this bottle! I drink lots of water but plain water is boring. With this fruit infused water bottle, you can add any kind of fruit and make a delicious fruit drink. The inner canister “cage” is wide enough to put large pieces of fruit in it and with the slots around it, the flavor goes into the water. The canister fits tightly in the bottle and

Mammoth Allie® Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser 135mL (1 Year Replacement Warranty) I have had essential oil difussers before but none work like the Mammoth Allie does. You have to give a double take to realize this is not real wood, the graining on the plastic can fool anyone. To fill the difusser, just lift the top part up, no need to twist and worry about spilling the water. There is a water guide to tell you how much water to add, then you only need two to three drops

  5-in-1 Economy Home and Car Charger kit, 5.2 A 26W 3 USB Port Rapid Portable Car Charger, 2 Dual USB Wall Chargers and 2 Micro USB Cables It seems like I never have enough ports to charge my devices when traveling. But with this 5-in-1 charger kit, I can charge my two Ipads and phone at the same time! The car charger has two 2.1A and one 1A ports, perfect for Ipads, tablets and phones. There is a faint LED light which makes it easy when using this in

I love how colorful these silicone muffin liners are. The muffins are very easy to remove from the liners after baked.   If you don’t have a muffin pan, no worries, just fill the liners about half full and set on a cookie sheet to bake. They are very easy to clean, just soak them in warm water after removing the cupcake and they clean up great. The cloth bag they come in is a nice way to store the liners without having them get lost in a drawer. If you

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