Effiliv Baking Mat Set of 3 – Non-Stick Silicone Reusable Baking Mats Bakeware Set   These silicone baking mats are such a time and money saver! I don’t need to spray are add parchment paper to my baking sheets. They are made from 100% food grade silicone nothing sticks to them! When I bake cookies, the bottoms are golden brown and come off the sheets easily without breaking apart.   The two larger mats are great for a full sized cookie sheet but sometimes I only want to bake a

Effiliv Silicone Baking Cups – 24 Pack- Reusable   These silicone backing cups are easy to use and saves you money on buying paper baking cups. I love the bright colors and the can be used in a muffin pan or just set them on a cookie sheet for baking. Both ways bake delicious muffins and they pop right out of the cups. They are easy to clean, they are dishwasher safe but I filled the sink with soap and water and let them soak a few minutes and they

Bento Box Lunch Boxes – Food Containers Designed with Style Built for Function   What a great lunch box! It’s 100% food safe and has three separate containers for your food. I like the rounded corners and the bottom container is about 2″ deep, enough room for a sandwich or fruit. The center container container stores a fork, knife and spoon and you can use this container as a plate. The top container has a divider so it’s good for storing crackers and condiments.     They all stack together

Blackhead & Blemish Remover Kit                                                  By Equinox International   This black head remover kit is really neat. There are 5 different double sided tools that all come in their own compartments in their own little case. At first, I wasn’t too sure how to use each of the tools, but you can find any “how to” video on YouTube. It took a little time to figure how to position the tool over the blackhead but once I learned how to use them, they were great. I’m able to remove blackheads

Innogie® eLite Series Unique 3200mAh Aluminum Portable Charger external battery pack backup power bank     I use my phone for job photos and that takes up so much battery life. When on the job site, if my battery drains, I have to plug it in to a wall outlet which sometimes is far away from what I need to take a picture of. I love how compact this Innogie portable external battery pack backup is and I can plug it in and still use my phone while charging. This

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