This keyboard is awesome! I have the Ipad mini and it attaches very easily to the magnetic slot on the back of the keyboard with no chance of it slipping out of the slot. The screen swivels so you can adjust it to your liking. After charging, I set up blue tooth which was a very easy process. With the on/off switch, just switch to on, click the connect button and blue tooth with activate.   The keyboard is very comfortable when typing and when finished, close the cover to

This review is for the beautiful Setaluna Premier Soft and Silky Satina King Bed Sheet Set. The first thing that impressed me when I opened the shipping box was the upscale box that these sheets were packaged in. After I opened the box and felt the sheets, I knew they were so very different from the other sheets I have. I work with fabrics at my job, and must say this fabric is such a high quality, drapes beautiful and so super soft. If I had to describe them in

Everyone has times when they are out and the battery on their phone dies and with no place to charge it, you are out of luck. But this universal 2-in-1 USB Power Bank will be a life saver. You can attach your phone cable to the USB end and plug the other end of the power bank to the wall outlet. This way you can charge your phone at the same time as you charge the power bank for when going on the road. I was given the opportunity to

This is a very well made knife sharpener with a comfortable handle to grip. I have so many dull knives and when I was given an opportunity to receive this product, I knew I wanted to give my honest and unbiased review for it. The knife sharpener is so different from others, it has a two stage sharpening system. The coarse blades is made of tungsten carbide to sharpen dull blades and the fine blades have ceramic rods to finish your sharpening. This product will save so much money from

The Superior Bright has got to be the best flashlight I’ve ever had! I have never seen a multi purpose light with so much power. This is not just a flashlight, but it’s also a work light with about a 5″ strip of two rows of powerful lights on the flashlight barrel. Works great when working on vehicles or any place where you need more light or to use if you lose power. If you click the flashlight three times, the row of lights blink red, great for any emergency

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