Down Blanket with Satin Trim   This down blanket is like the other products I’ve received from ExceptionalSheets, it’s exceptional!  It’s packaged in a heavy duty zippered plastic bag that is great to store if not using it in the warm weather. The quality of the fabric and the workmanship is wonderful. The squares are fully stitched through so the down stays in each one without shifting or clumping. I received the king down blanket, and it is wide enough to hang over my mattress by almost a foot on

#1 Best Lavender Essential Oil ★ 10ml Rare Premium KASHMIR Grade   What a wonderful smell on this 100% pure and organic lavender essential oil. When I get ready for bed, I love to add a few drops to my infuser and run it until it automatically shuts off in three hours. The aroma is so relaxing, it relieves stress and headaches. I also found by adding a few drops to unscented dryer sheets, it makes my laundry smell so good. I also add one to my lingerie draw and

HoldieTM Smart Cell Phone Holder  For Windshield       What a super suction car mount cell phone holder. Have the latch near the base of the car mount open, position the mount on your windshield and pop the latch shut, the car mount is securely attached to your windshield. With the roller ball on the back of the arm, you can position the phone for your best viewing and tighten down the thumb screw.   I like how easy it is to open the cell phone holder by pushing

Lavender Oil – Premium Quality Bulgarian 4 Oz 100% Natural & Pure Lavender Essential Oil   What a wonderful scent on this premium quality 100% pure lavender oil. This large 4 ounce bottle comes with a dropper which makes it easy to measure out how much is needed. I add 3 to 4 drops in my infuser and it is so relaxing with the lavender smell going throughout the house. I didn’t realize that lavender was good for insect bites but I found out the other day when I was

Kid’s Dream Special Occasion Holiday Patterned Infant & Boys 2 Piece Vest Set I was so pleased with the workmanship and design of this pattered vest and tie by Kid’s Dream. When I check clothing, I look at it from the inside also.   The back of vest is a black taffeta and fully lined in the same fabric.   There is even an extra button attached to the inside seam, something found on high quality garments.   The adjustable back strap with buckle can be cinched up for a

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