Zilu 35W 6 Port Multiple USB Rapid Charger Before I got this 6 port multiple USB charger, I had so many tangled cables from my phones and tablets. The heavy duty four foot long cord plugs into the charger and then into a surge protector or wall outlet.   The hardened plastic case is compact and fire resistant plus is compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices including the most popular iPad, iPhone, Samsung tablets and smartphones. I plugged in my Samsung Galaxy S5, the S4, two Ipads, and my Kindle

Pendant Necklace Two-Toned Silver “forever in my heart” with Gold Flashed “I Love You”   This is the most beautiful necklace with the two toned pendants engraved on both sides. The center gold pendant is about the size and thickness of a dime and it is encircled with a silver circle pendant, saying “forever in my heart”.   The 23″ chain is also silver with a claw clasp that locks so no worry about having your necklace come unclasped.  I was offered to examine this necklace and give my honest

Silver Necklace with Women’s Jewelry Pendant Two-Piece  “I love you to the moon & back” When I wear a necklace it tends to flip around so the engraving doesn’t show but with this beautiful necklace, it is engraved on both side. The long 23″ silver chain has a claw clasp for extra security from becoming unhooked. This is not a thin, cheap pendant, the center piece that says, “I Love You” is about the size of a dime and the crescent shaped pendant is lightweight but it’s thick so it

          Liquid Chalk Markers by Kassa                These liquid chalk markers are so much fun! You can use them on mirrors, plastic, glass and ceramics and just wipe off your designs when finished. I decorated our windows for Easter, it was so much fun and colorful with the eight bright colors.   I like how the point can be flipped over from a chisel point to a rounded end.   The markers are easy to get the ink flowing, just shake for a bit, push down on the point

Essential Plus Size Knit Open Front Draped Asymmetrical Vest   What a comfortable open front draped vest. I love how it is so versatile and can be worn different ways. I tried it with leaving the front open and let it drape flowing straight down but my favorite is to flip tie the loose ends for a more fitted look. First I tied it at the waist and for a different look, I tied it closer to the hip area. I love wearing it both ways!   I love how

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