Vitamin C Serum can do so much to help your skin get back to that refreshed and glowing look. I am so pleased with this Vitamin C serum, especially because it is made with organic and natural ingredients. With the dropper, it’s so easy to use and no worries about spills. I use only a few drops, rub it on my face and it dries quickly and non greasy. My skin feels so refreshed and even after using it for a short time, it’s softer but firmer.    

Add fresh or frozen fruit to plain water and get a delicious, all natural taste! This is the most awesome water bottle I have seen! I drink lots of water but water is water, blah. With this bottle, you can add fruit in the center capsule, drop it in the bottle and it will flavor your water with natural ingredients. The longer you leave it, the more flavor the water will be. Do you like iced tea? Fill the capsule with raspberries and have raspberry tea! So many different kinds

What a great high quality Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4 – 7.0 case made from PU Leather. I like the hard back cover to protect the tablet and the front cover is lined with a soft felt type fabric to protect the screen of the tablet. The case can be used as a stand and can swivel for both landscape or portrait viewing. When finished using your tablet, close the cover and it holds together with a heavy elastic strap attached right on the case. I received this case in exchange

    Do you like popcorn? We love popcorn in our household but the cheap plastic bowl I put it in will not come clean easily. When I was given the opportunity to give my honest and unbiased review of this product, I was so excited. This is a good sized bucket that will hold two to three microwave packages of popcorn. I like how colorful and fun looking it is, looks like a bucket you get at the movie theater! Clean up is a breeze, just wash with a

  These baking mats are fantastic! No more needing to grease your baking sheets before making your cookies or biscuits on the sheet.  Just lay the baking mat on the cookie sheet and drop your dough on the mat. Pop in the oven and and when the biscuits are done, they slide right off the mat.   No burning, no sticking, just golden brown biscuits. If you like cookies that are golden brown on the bottom, this is the baking sheet for you.  I have never seen such a great addition

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