Are you hungry for a quick, easy, delicious and inexpensive dinner?  I picked up a package of thin sliced top round for stir fry, it was a little over a pound and cost $6.37.   I added an onion, a pepper from our garden and some baby carrots.  That’s all the ingredients needed for my mouth-watering stir fry meal.



I added some olive oil to my wok and while it was heating up, I sliced the onion, pepper and carrots.  Once cut and the oil was heating, I added the vegetables.  I recently purchased a flexible cutting board and it’s great when pouring the vegetables, no worry about them dropping off the edges of a flat board.  With the handle, I can hold it securely and just fold up the side and pour. I like how easy it is to use this Flexible Cutting Board plus it’s quick and easy to clean then hang on the handle to store for next time.



Back to the stirring, the vegetables have been added and stirred together, then I added the meat. But remember I told you it cost $6.37 for the package? Well, I didn’t even use the entire package, I have enough left to make another meal someday for hubby when I make by salmon dinner.   Now the vegetables and steak are tossed together with seasoning while cooking on high heat. It not only looks good, it smells delicious!



The entire meal from preparation to serving dinner took less than 20 minutes and cost maybe $6.00 total for two meals.





As I bonus, I have another simple yet delicious meal. This was dinner Sunday when I didn’t have time to make breakfast.  I started out with 6 eggs, 4 potatoes (I planned to use 5 but only needed 4), 1 onion and 1 pepper, again from our garden and sausage links.


This was started similar to my stir fry dinner, I cut the onion and pepper into pieces while I microwaved the potatoes for 6 minutes.  They won’t be totally cooked but partly cooked and I cut in pieces then finish cooking them with the vegetables.  While that’s cooking, I fried up the sausage and mixed up the eggs.  Since I love cheese, I added peppers, onions and cheese to eggs.  So now I have the potatoes and sausage just about ready, the eggs finishing up and the kitchen smelling delicious.




Doesn’t this look delicious? I don’t have a total cost on this meal but I’m sure it’s less than $5.00 for two meals.



What a way to end the day with a banana split and since Sunday (the day I’m writing this blog) was National Ice Cream Day, I thought it was very fitting.

I cut up a banana for the bottom of the dish, added ice cream, topped with hot fudge, caramel topping, my homemade raspberry sauce I originally made for my salmon meal the other day and smothered all that with whipped topping and cherries. What a way to end the day!



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Martha Demeo

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18 Discussion to this post

  1. I use salmon scraps for my stir fry meal. And I add mushrooms, green beans, and zucchini as well.

  2. Paul Taubman says:

    I am now hungry as I decided not to have breakfast this am… Time for a break to get something to eat!

    Thanks for sharing, Martha!

  3. Glenda Cates says:

    This is cheating having this post her at this time of the morning. As I just took my Slim Fast shake and now I am hungry and each of these meals look so yummy. That I wish David was home as I would make the breakfast and Charlie says we should have the Banana Split for breakfast and if I had the ingredients I might just let him. As this is how we make memories. Have a Blessed day.

  4. What a wonderful recipe Martha. I like the visual because it is easy to follow and make you hungry.

    Thanks for sharing. Gaétane

  5. Bushra says:

    Yum yum yum indeed mouth watering meal my taste buds are activated plus the recipes are so quick and easy

  6. It all looks very delicious! Funnily enough, we’re having stirfry tonight for dinner too!

  7. Alice Gerard says:

    That looks yummy, and I think that I’d like to try that stir fry!

  8. Martha says:

    Well that sounds delicious Roy! with all the salmon I eat, I never gave it a thought to add that to my stir fry. I’m definitely going to add that to my next stir fry meal! Thanks for the tip, you’ll be sure to see my blog about it!

  9. Martha says:

    With our schedule, we seem to have breakfast more at dinner time Paul. I love coming up with quick and easy meals but also healthy one. Of course with the amount of cheese I use on mine, not sure how healthy that is but sure is delicious! Hope you took your break to fill your tummy!

  10. Martha says:

    Nothing wrong with have a banana split for breakfast Glenda. Charlie would get his milk (from the ice cream), fruit (both the banana and raspberries/blackberries % cherries) and a full tummy! I love omelettes for any meal, they are quick to make, filling and so delicious! Thanks for visiting my kitchen Glenda!

  11. Martha says:

    Thanks Gaetane, I love taking pictures and find it easier to show the different steps in photos plus it makes the blog more interesting. Oh, and makes people hungry too! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Martha says:

    Quick and easy are the best words in my vocabulary when it comes to my cooking Bushra! When we get home from work, we’re hungry plus I’m anxious to get to my blogging so I like to plan quick meals but also healthy ones. Maybe I should add a napkin to my blogs so people can wipe watering mouth. LOL

  13. Martha says:

    I love stir fry Patricia! It’s amazing how filling it is! Blogger Roy, left a comment saying he uses salmon scraps in his stir fry! You can bet I’m trying that next time I have salmon! Hope yours was delicious!

  14. Martha says:

    It was Alice but also quick and easy to prepare. A simple stir fry is so filling too! Let me know if you try it! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Chondra Rankin says:

    Great step by step instructions – looks great!

  16. It is 6:00 am and I am hungry for your stir fry. As a vegetarian, I love making stir fry – You just taught me how to keep my vegetables from getting too soggy. Like Roy, I”m definitely into adding the mushrooms, and zuchinni

  17. Martha says:

    I add a variety of vegetables to my stir fry Linda. I love squash, peppers and onions and when I cook them quick, they don’t get soggy. I actually like them better when then have a bit of a “crunch”. I’m not a mushroom lover unless it’s on pizza but I do like his idea of adding salmon. That will be my next one to try!

  18. Martha says:

    Thanks Chondra, it’s delicious. I like to add photos, it gets your taste buds going!

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