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This is another fun earning app and all you do is click on the different tabs that show points.   Some are for 10 points, others 20, and even 300 points.   When  you click on the point tab, it will take you to either a website or the app store.  You don’t have do download them to get points, just click on the app, look around, but don’t install.  For the ones that take you to a website,  scroll through the site. They have some interested sites and even have Amazon product ads. After you check them out, go back to Louder and you have your points.  How easy is that!!

With the points earned, you can get team merchandise or gift cards.  I like the gift cards and it takes 80,000 for a $10.00 gift card.  When I first started, I set me goal to get 10,000 per day (which is easy) so I was getting a gift card just about once a week.  Since learning the ropes and going on more teams, my daily points are any where between 15,000 – 20,000.  One day I got a whopping 31,500!!  I cash out and within hours, I receive notice that my gift card is already available.

I took some screen shots to show you how easy it is to play and earn.  First, when you go to your app store (either Android or Apple) look for the Louder Rewards – Seattle.  This is the main app and from there you can go to other teams.   So here is a short picture tutorial!


Download the app,  like the above photo.


When you open the app, you will see this screen (may be a different photo since I put Target up for my gift cards. Under the picture, you will click on the green bar for your points.  I find that early, early morning (like midnight – 2 am) is good for getting a good start on your daily points.

Screenshot_2015-11-12-17-55-06        Screenshot_2015-11-12-17-54-31

As you scroll down through the app, you will see yellow tabs with points.  The ones with the thumbs up or down are for 10 points, you just click for the points.  The 20 or 30 point ones will take you to a page or website, scroll through, click it off and you have your points.   The 300 pointers are the ones I like, they help your total add up quickly!  For those, you click the green bar that either says, “sign up” or “website”.  You don’t have to sign up or download anything but they have interesting sites!

Once you have run out of points on Seattle, it’s time to go choose your team for more points.


See the 3 dots on the right side under your total points?  Click that to take you to other teams.

Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-24-55                Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-25-15

Next, click on the tab that says, “Choose Teams”.   Once you click that, it will open to the page that has the different sport categories. Click which ever one you want to get to the list of teams for each category.


This is the NFL Football page.  Scroll through to find what team you want, then click on it, click again and the little icon will turn blue.  Click again and it will open on the main app page and you will see more point offers.  Some teams don’t always have points, so just go through the list until you find a good one.

Like I said, I find early, early morning is a good start, then again throughout the day when ever you have a few spare minutes, then in the evening. I will warn you thought, it is very addicting!  Once you see the points, you will want to keep going and watch your points increase.

Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-26-15                 Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-26-25                   Screenshot_2015-11-12-19-26-37

When you are ready to cash out, click the Prizes tab at the top of the app and select your reward.

I started the end of September and so far I’ve cashed out every week for a $10 gift card.  It’s great for stocking stuffers or just to go shopping!

One more thing, when you hit 1000 points, you get a 100 point bonus.  5000 points, you get a 500 point bonus and 10,000 you get a 1000 point bonus!   You also will see a pop up when you get around 5000 to be entered into a daily contest for Seattle merchandise.  If you aren’t a fan, don’t worry, it would make a great gift!

I hope this has helped you on Louder Rewards to increase your daily points.

There is no referral link so just type in Louder Rewards on your app store and start having fun and earning points for prizes and gift cards.  Set a daily goal and watch your points increase!

If you have any questions, just leave a reply and I’ll get back to you!

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Martha Demeo

I started my blog to review products. Since then it has evolved and now I teach people how to earn money online from the comfort of their home. Join the conversation. Leave a comment below.

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  1. VPoints says:

    Hi Martha,

    Love you blog. We also offer a point system, V-Points, that can let users earn Gift Cards from dozens of retailers (list here – http://www.avishkarsoftware.com/vpoints/faq.html#What kind of Gift Certificates can I get ) for just playing simple games. I think this rewards program would be very beneficial to your readers. You can earn about $400 annually in this program (You need to be in the US and over 18 years of age). We launched a few months ago and thousands of users have earned tens of thousands of dollars in this program. You can find a list of V-Points enabled apps here – http://www.avishkarsoftware.com/vpointsapps.html. You can learn more about the program here – http://www.avishkarsoftware.com/vpoints/faq.html

  2. Martha says:

    Thanks for the info VPoints! I’ll definitely look into these apps and may even write a blog about them! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. cara says:

    Hi Martha – I have the app and I am not sure why it looks totally different than yours, maybe bc I have an iphone? On mine – there is not icon to shop at the top and you cannot click on anything for instant points except fist pumps and articles and surveys. It is all apps and they must be downloaded and approved by sponsors after 3 days for you to use, most requite you spending cash so you do not get approved. Maybe it has changed since you used it? The most – if you use it like 5-6 hours a day almost straight, you can get is around 10k points. I do the trivia. The fist pumps and apps and article points all cap off per day.

  4. Martha says:

    Hi Cara, I have had my app for quite awhile and they may have changed. When they first started it was a great earning app, after they changed the concept, I slipped away from it. I’ll have to check on it again. Thanks for visiting.

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