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So did I get your attention? I hope so because with all the scams, hacks, or hoaxes going around on Face Book, DON’T TRUST FRIENDS messages when you get one, especially with a link that they want you to open.


It seems like some people feel the need to hack into someone’s profile and they send a FB Message that shows up as being sent from your friend, complete with their profile picture. It will have a message that says something like “Hey, check out the photos from my trip” or “Look at how the children have grown” then a link for you to click.  DON’T CLICK THAT LINK!!!   If someone happens to click on the link or video, the hacker will be able to get into your friends list and the cycle starts again.


There is also another scam going around, same way of someone hacking into your profile then sends a message saying they were able to receive $250,00 free money from the government and wanted to know if you received the same.  Now everyone knows this is a scam but it sounds so convincing especially if the message is coming from one of your Face Book (or so you thought) friends and if someone is hitting hard times.  I’m not sure what the scammer would send next on this message but I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for personal banking information.  NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO MESSAGES LIKE THIS!!!!

I usually say, if something is to good to be true, it usual is.   Last year there was a scam going around about how you could get a free laptop and all you had to do was let it run 24/7 for six months because they were tracking ads then you got to keep the laptop.  Well before they sent you the free laptop, the scammers needed your driver’s license, home address and phone number PLUS your gmail email address AND password.  I wrote a blog about this warning people to make sure they read and re-read what information they have to give out but some fell for the scam.  Seems like the scammers took your name and put it on another mailing address and placed ads on the free laptops!  Without knowing until the bill came, they ended up be charged thousands of dollars for the ads.  I am still getting views on this blog:

I hope DON’T TRUST FRIENDS was able to warn you that when you think you are getting a message from your friends, it just may be a hacker and your friend doesn’t even know about until you send them a post to their wall warning they have been hacked.


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Martha Demeo

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14 Discussion to this post

  1. Brenda Marie says:

    That’s why only a handful of people that i have known for a long time will I even use the messenger with anymore. This is a great post. I shared this all over.

  2. Good point! It might seem to be coming from a friend, when that friend has been hacked.

  3. Lily Leung says:

    The title did catch my eye. I usually don’t fall for those scams but it is good to be reminded.


  4. Kemkem says: many scams out there, it’s a minefield :-). I trust after verification.

  5. Rich says:

    So smart she is

  6. Martha says:

    I don’t click on anything even if I know the person Brenda, but if it comes for one of my friends and it looks suspicious, I usually figure they have been hacked. Thanks for sharing to get the word out.

  7. Martha says:

    Now a days, we can never be sure Jeanine, that’s why I don’t click anything. They other things I don’t open, even knowing they are from my friends, are the shared messages that go from person to person. Never know if somewhere along the shares, a virus may be in them. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Martha says:

    I thought some may wonder about the title Lily! LOL Even though most already know not to click, if my message can save one person, it was a success. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Martha says:

    I’ve always said if people would spend half the time on positive things instead of all these scams, we would be a better world. Thanks for visiting my blog Kemkem.

  10. Martha says:

    I try Rich. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  11. Andria Perry says:

    I do not fall for those scams, I learned if its to good to be true then it is a scam.

  12. Martha says:

    Yes, that’s my theory too Andria, if it’s too good to be true, run! Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I’ve seen the PM’s with a link to a video. I didn’t click. If I’m in doubt, I ask the friend if they sent it and if they didn’t I don’t click but report.

  14. Martha says:

    That’s a great way Barbara especially with all the scams out there. We can never let our guard down on the internet. Thanks for visiting.

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