Black and White Blog Photo Challenge Day 5

Black and White Blog Photo Challenge Day 5

Here I sit, wondering what I will share on my Black and White Blog Photo Challenge Day 5.  So far I’ve posted an old cabin, roses, a beautiful old Live Oak tree, and mountain streams.  I decided to do a complete turn around today and share some of my desserts!


The rules for the Black and White Blog Photo Challenge are easy:

1. Share black and white photos daily for 7 days;

2. There must be no animals or people in the photos;

3. No captions, explanations, or other words to accompany the images;

4. Nominate one person to participate each day of the challenge.

If you love photography half as much as I do, then you may want to  jump in on the opportunity and volunteer to join this awesome black and white blog photo challenge. If so just let me know in the comments below otherwise, I just may nominate you! For more information on the Black and White Blog Photo Challenge, check out my Day 1 blog for all the information.


Photos and Nomination for Day 5






Today for my Black and White Blog Photo Challenge Day 5 I am nominating Susan who has a fabulous blog,  Susan’s blog is just like the name says, unique fashion accessories and home decor products.  I’d love to see some of these awesome ideas in black and white!


Thanks for visiting my Black and White Blog Photo Challenge Day 5, did the photos make you hungry?

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Martha Demeo

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10 Discussion to this post

  1. Even in black and white these desserts look yummy! Let me guess — banana split? Chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate cake? I’m not sure what to guess for the top one. At first I thought cheesecake, but now I’m not so sure.

  2. Those pictures make my mouth water. They look so good.

  3. Martha says:

    Ding ding ding, you are correct on all of them Barbara! The top one is cheesecake but it’s not as thick as most, I only had a cake pan to bake it in, not a high cheesecake pan. But it was delicious! This is one photo that looks so much better in color so you can see the raspberry color of the topping. Thanks for visiting, hope they filled you up!

  4. Martha says:

    Did you notice I had milk in one to wash down the cake crumbs? LOL. Thanks for stopping by for a bite of dessert Brenda!

  5. LadyInRead says:

    dessert is my favorite part of the meal!! love these

  6. I should not have clicked the link when I did. I was already hungry but after looking at all those yummy sweets, I am even hungrier now! Off to drink a glass of water and find something sensible to snack on….

  7. Snow on your potato kugel (or piece of cake-it’s hard to tell)…. Interesting variation on the challenge.

  8. Martha says:

    Mine too LadyInRead! I’ve always said I should eat dessert before dinner to make sure we have room for it. I’m looking forward to baking yummy desserts with my granddaughter the next few weeks. So stand by for more photos! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Martha says:

    Well at least the pictures don’t have calories Kyla! LOL Thanks for stopping by and drooling over my desserts.

  10. Martha says:

    Yes, it’s coconut snow on a delicious fluffy frosting with chocolate cake under it all. This was my grandmother’s recipe and how I love to lick the beaters when she made it way back over 60 years ago. Ah the memories that go with the photos. Thanks for visiting Roy!

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