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Do you have a co-worker that you think is the best? This is the suggested topic for the Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 11.   It was either write about this or your childhood comic book superhero.  Since I wasn’t into comic books in my early years and I have the best co-worker, this was a no brainer!


Since 1967 I have owned an interior decorating business with the most wonderful co-owner.   We work together in the workroom but when customers come in the store, I  go to the showroom side.  My co-worker continues to work on the drapery treatment while I’m working on a new order.   Now here is my downfall… I LOVE to talk!  Since we are in a tourist town, one of the questions I ask is where they are from and it goes from there. We chat about the difference in weather, kids and grand-kids and just about anything that comes to mind.  All this time, while my co-worker has already completed the drapery project!

We can be working side by side, not saying anything but we know what each is thinking and what the next plan is.  He has a great eye for color and design and when we go to the owner’s home to measure and finalize a fabric, my co-worker lets them know which looks better and why.  His motto has always been, “We don’t do ugly.”


My co-worker is always one to use his head, he thinks things out and always comes up with a plan to make something work.  He literally uses his head when we are out installing the window treatments.


My co-worker is very serious, hardly ever smiles but has a sweet side that many don’t know.  When we are having our photo taken, I’ll ask him to smile and he looks at me with a “frown” on his face. But I know he is only messing with me when he frowney smiles.  People that know him say he would be great in a comedy show because he can say the funniest thing with such a straight face, while everyone else is in stitches.

When our work day is over, I don’t say good-bye to my co-worker, we go home together! In case you haven’t guessed, my co-worker is my best friend, my one and only, my soul mate and my husband of 50 years.


Even at home Rich is not the “normal” guy, he will do the dishes, the laundry, irons my jeans with the most awesome creases and make the world’s best meatballs!  He’s a grandfather that sits up all night when the grand kids are sick and the one that stops and picks up ice cream cones for his granddaughter. He’s the one that knows the right answers to tell the grands when they have a problem and he’s the one that would do anything for his family.  Rich has always been the most caring and helpful person to everyone, whether friend or stranger.

Rich also has a way of talking, not only to people but his garden!  He talks to his roses everyday and grows the most beautiful multi colored ones.  I love the time-lapse of one of his roses that I took a few years ago.


So while some people have comic book super heroes, I have a real life super hero, my wonderful husband!  I find little hand written notes on my desk and roses on my computer daily! Who else gets things like this from their co-worker?  Rich is one of a kind and I love my co-worker so much!


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Martha Demeo

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. What a loving tribute to your husband, partner and friend. I hope he reads it.

  2. Martha, this is the most heart-warming tribute to you co-worker, friend, lover and husband. Honestly, I read it while ‘welling up.’ How you honor your ‘treasure’ marriage and partnership of so many years is a gift to your family, friends, and us, and those who could not share in-kind as life had a different journey.
    Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you many more and healthy years! God Bless!

  3. You are blessed. I found a co-worker like that in the 1990s, and I married him, too.

  4. Martha says:

    So you know first hand how it is Priscilla! We have so many memories to look back on but so many more that in store. Thanks for stopping and continue to make your memories!

  5. Martha says:

    Thanks for the kind words Ute and glad to see you back in the challenge! Rich and I have so many memories in the past 53 years since we met and we continue to make many more! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Martha says:

    Thanks Barbara, he is so romantic with his little love notes that he’s been doing since we met when I was in high school and the flowers he picks and brings to me. I would much rather have a gift like this than any arrangement from a florist shop as these come from his heart. Oh and yes he read it! <3

  7. Rich says:

    Working with someone who you are in love with is so wonderful. Always! !!!

  8. Martha says:

    Yes it is Rich, always and forever <3

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