Today is Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, some times I come up with my own topics but today I’m taking to suggested topic from the host.  Since it’s officially the Fall season I decided to write about the BEAUTIFUL CRISP FALL WEATHER that is upon us.  Well in South Carolina it’s not all that crisp but we’re hoping to take a drive to the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina so hubby and I can view the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  That’s one of the things we miss from when we lived near the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  The fall leaves were so beautiful with the shades of reds, oranges, yellows and even deep purples.


The other thing I love about fall are the apples!  Yes, there is nothing better than taking a bite out of a fresh picked juicy apple that makes your mouth pucker.  My favorite way to eat them is to slice them up and dip them in caramel or even chocolate sauce.

When fall comes around, it brings back memories of when my grandmother would homemade applesauce from the apples that my dad and I would pick.  It was so much fun climbing in the apple trees, trying to get to the top where the biggest red apples were.  The kitchen smelled so good with gramma’s cinnamon flavored applesauce.  Our storage room in the cellar was loaded with fresh applesauce that would last all winter.   Another great apple dessert is Apple Crisp.  There are many different recipes but I usually just put cut up apples in a buttered baking dish and top with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, flour and butter.   While it’s baking the 20 minutes or until bubbly and browned on the top, it smells so good.  Of course I have to eat it as soon as it cools a bit, loaded with whipped topping!


We made a stop at the apple farm a few weeks ago when we went back to upstate New York for a visit, the farm is always a must go to place! The have the best apples, pumpkins, gourds plus the most delicious homemade apple cider donuts!


Along with fall, comes Halloween!   I love greeting all the little ghosts, goblins and princesses with a big dish of goodies.  Along with candy, I have a variety of granola bars, bags of cookies and chips plus Halloween stickers and pencils.  Since some parents don’t like their children having sweets, this gives them a good variety of Trick or Treat goodies to choose from.



A few years ago I started making little pumpkins from a very thin plastic orange table-cloth that I purchased at the Dollar Store.  I was going to make them from an orange napkin but thought the plastic would hold up better and not rip. It’s a cute idea to pass out with a variety of wrapped candy inside.  This is the link with the instructions for my PUMPKIN GIFT BAGS


These are a few of the things I love about the beautiful crisp fall weather and looking forward to driving somewhere and finding cool weather and beautiful leaves that are changing colors. What is your favorite part of fall, is it apples, pumpkins or maybe jumping in a big pile of leaves?






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Martha Demeo

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  1. We also have a local farm with a variety of apples. Sometimes I’ve even picked them myself. Since I wasn’t around much to irrigate our own apple tree during the dry summer, the apples there are tiny and I’ll probably let the deer have them. I hope I can get back to Jack Creek Farms soon.

  2. Melinda says:

    I love Fall!! These photos capture it’s essence. Thank you!

  3. Sandy KS says:

    I love the fall weather and everything about it. There are two fall festivals coming up this weekend. I am going to go to both of them. Funds are low but I will make due.

  4. Martha says:

    Must be great to have apple trees in your yard Barbara! I use to love going out on a brisk morning to pick apples but most of the farms have stopped pick you own do to insurance regulations. One of my classmates from 50 years back spends the winters in our city and she’s going to bring more down to us in January! Thanks for stopping by for an apple 🙂

  5. Martha says:

    Hope you can get to the festivals Sandy, we had one last week and I enjoy just walking around seeing the different booths and the people. Hardly ever buy anything but nice to get our and walk around. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.

  6. Martha says:

    Thanks Melinda, being in the south we miss the colorful leaves, the wood fires and apple picking. But hoping to get to the mountains soon and snap some colorful photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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