Visiting With The Angels

Visiting With The Angels


While I was at work on March 2000, I became very dizzy.  I had been dizzy before but this time something felt different.  I was alone in our store as hubby was home recuperating from surgery and managed to get to the desk and sit down but by now I was about to pass out.  After sitting for a bit, I was able to call my chiropractor, thinking a pinched nerve was the cause.   I got an appointment a few hours later and by that time I was able to drive the short distance to his office.   After he adjusted me, as I was laying face down on the table, I felt better but as soon as I sat up, I passed out.   The nurse came in and they got my laying down on my back and I was in and out of consciousness.   The fire department and ambulance came and while taking my vitals and giving me an IV, I could hear everyone talking but I couldn’t speak.  It seems my blood sugar level dropped to almost off the chart and they couldn’t revive me.   It was at that time, I floated up to a place where everything was so beautiful and white.   I didn’t see any thing except white images floating around me almost in slow motion and there was not a sound from them.  When I looked down, I could see the firemen and ambulance personal working on me and they kept called my name telling me to wake up.   I never saw the chiropractor and I kept asking where he was. Since I wasn’t there and I really wasn’t speaking, no one heard me.  The next thing I remember was Dr. Duncan calling my name and telling me to come back.


 I finally saw him at the end of the table and it was at that time when the white images floated up and I gentle floated back to the table.  I opened my eyes and I was back.   I have only told a few people of my experience but it was real and beautiful.  I guess the angels knew I still had my dear hubby, children and grandchildren here on earth that needed me when they sent me back.  Even though this happened almost sixteen years ago, it is still so clear in my mind like it was yesterday.   It was such a peaceful and beautiful place when visiting with the Angels.

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Martha Demeo

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  1. andria perry says:

    I know people that have had out of body experiences, they were almost exactly like yours and they don’t mind talking about it. I once felt that type of love when I was sleeping one night, I may have been “leaving”.

  2. Kim St.Andre says:

    What a beautiful experience! Did having the experience change your perspective on day to day life?

  3. Martha says:

    It was amazing Andria! Some people raise their eyebrows when I tell them but others believe, but it was just too beautiful not to write about. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Martha says:

    Thanks Kim. It didn’t really change anything because even before this, I believed. I’m the type that I don’t have to see something before I believe. I have always loved Angels and have a large collection. Since this experience, many people send me Angels though. It was so beautiful up there but I’m glad I’m still here for a while longer. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Jennifer Bay says:

    Love this story. I had an experience, but I did not see white lights or anything, but I was “floating” up in the corner of the ceiling watching myself. It is good to know I am not the only one that this has happened to 🙂 God was just not ready for us, we have to much to do 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  6. Angelece says:

    I have loved angels as far back as I can remember. My grandmother had a picture of the two children crossing a bridge with their guardian angel behind them. I loved that picture and now have it and also collect angels. I so believe you, what a wonderful experience. So glad you came back I want to meet you.

  7. Martha says:

    Jennifer, that’s where I was too, in the corner watching everything! While it may seem “weird” to some, it was so beautiful there. This is so true, God was not ready for us and I’m glad to have heard you had something similar. Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day!

  8. Martha says:

    What a beautiful picture that must be Angelece! I have always believed in Angels and I too am glad they weren’t ready for me to join them at that time. Yes, we have to meet soon! Thanks for visiting and ready my experience.

  9. Bill Kasman says:

    That is indeed a strange experience. Although I have had a couple of strange encounters with what I choose to call ”spirits” there has been nothing like this.

  10. Martha says:

    This was the first for me Bill, I too have encountered spirits but nothing as beautiful as visiting with the Angels. Thanks for stopping by!

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