So today I went grocery shopping and  I got some awesome deals with sales and manufacturers coupons. There are many sites where you can print out manufacturer coupons and I will share those in another blog. But there are more ways to get cash back on groceries other than using coupons at the store and you can save after shopping.




I received $12.50 back on 2 products from Checkout 51! This is a free app for either Android or Apple and it’s so easy to use. After you download the app,  sign up and start  looking over the grocery items they have.  Check off the items you plan to purchase on your shopping trip and when you get home, scan your receipt for the products purchased.  Plus you earn an extra $5 for uploading your first receipt.  Cash out is $20.00 into your Paypal but it doesn’t take that long to reach that amount.

Click on CHECKOUT51 to start earning cash from grocery shopping!




But that’s not all, I also use the ibotta app for cashback on groceries.  Some of the items are on both sites, so you can double you savings.  On this app that is also for Android or Apple, you find the store you are shopping at, check the items on the list and click off the items you plan to purchase.

ibotta has many other ways to help you earn cash faster.


The bigger your team, the faster you earn. Connect your Facebook account in the Ibotta mobile app and your friends will automatically join your team. The more friends on your team, the easier it is to earn your Teamwork bonuses, each and every month.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are special coupons, deals, or codes that get you extra savings in addition to your Ibotta rebate.


Get extra cash back with Bonuses – a fun and easy way to pile on the earnings. Buy featured products, redeem items at specific retailers, or complete certain tasks, and you’ll unlock Bonuses. We’re adding them all the time so check the Bonus section of your app for details!





After shopping, scan the item UPC and your receipt and you’re on the way to making cash from your purchases.  As of this blog writing, you can get a $10.00 bonus on your first receipt upload!  Cash out for this app is $20.00 minimum and you can have it deposited in your Paypal or choose from a variety of gift cards, including Amazon and Walmart.

Click on iBOTTA  to start earning cash from this app!


I love all the savings from different apps but CHECKOUT51 and iBOTTA  are two of my favorite shopping rebates.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? Don’t you like to get free $$?





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