I did it!  I reformatted my 3 year old Ipad 2 because it was so overloaded with unused apps and there wasn’t even enough space left to do the upgrade.   I’m so glad I clicked the button to do it, my Ipad is just like a new one now!   Click on the link to read all about my “new” old Ipad! http://www.cgpgallery.com/new-old-ipad/

I love using coupons and looking for great sales but over time I’ve learned that I have to pay very close attention when the items are being rung up. The other day I got some super deals at CVS. I spent $30.00 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and received $10 Extra Bucks back. Another deal was to spend $15.00 worth of CVS items and receive $5.00 Extra Buck and I received $1.00 Extra Buck with the purchase of Maxwell House coffee. When I do the deals where you have

  I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and knew I would need a cover. I looked into a case that was so heavy and bulky and then I found this one. While it has a heavy duty soft silicone case to protect against damage if dropped, it’s the rhinestone bling cover that snaps over the rubber protector that makes people do a double take on this case. The buttons on the side of the phone are still easily accessible as is the camera on the back. But that’s

    Such a small charger but lots of power! I charged this up when I received it and tried it on my phone before going out. I was amazed at how quickly it charged my phone. My next trial was to take it on the road with me where I use my phone constantly. As the battery was dropping, I plugged in this portable charger and within minutes it was up substantially. It comes with the USB charging cable and you can keep it charged in your home or

I love working on my earning sites and save the money for something we need.  A little over a year ago, I was so happy when I had enough to purchase a new double door refrigerator with the bottom freezer.  I got it free with the cash and gift cards I saved all year. Well, like I said, we’ve had it over a year and you would think by now I would know which button is for ice and which is for water.   Our old one, you just put the

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