WOW, we’re on Day 14, two full weeks of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! How are you doing on the challenge? Have you written a blog for each day so far? No problem if you missed a day, you can double up on a day and catch up!  There are different ways to increase both your visitors and views, one is sharing your blogs on different social media sites.   Another way to increase blog visitors is to have your visitors follow your social media sites as suggested in the daily email from Paul, the host of UBC .   I have actually followed many of my visitors that left comments to Twitter and in return they have followed me back. This gives you a new audience since those that are connected to your new visitors are different from yours so they too may read you blog, share it and the cycle continues with new readers. So why not follow each other!



I’d love to have you follow me and I’ll follow you back.  Just leave your social media links in the comment section below and I’ll connect to you.

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Google Plus:


So let’s start following each other and see how far our blogs can go!



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Martha Demeo

I started my blog to review products. Since then it has evolved and now I teach people how to earn money online from the comfort of their home. Join the conversation. Leave a comment below.

8 Discussion to this post

  1. Nice tip. Yes, the more you connect with people in a real way, the more likely you will increase your traffic. A common sense strategy many people fail to implement. Nice post.

  2. Alana says:

    I clicked on you to follow on Instagram (I already follow you on Twitter) and found your account was marked as private so I hesitated. I’ll be happy to follow you if it is OK. I also liked your page on Facebook. I am not on Pinterest that much, although I do pin from time to time.

  3. Martha says:

    When I find a new blog, I usually follow them and then when the blog is shared and if someone likes or shares mine, I can then connect back. Great way to increase traffic and meet new bloggers. Thanks for visiting Kathleen.

  4. Martha says:

    I forgot to change my settings Alana! Thanks for reminding me and for visiting.

  5. So, the question, Martha, is what kind of blog viewers do you want?
    Some folks work in MLM exclusively. I don’t comprehend (or appreciate) the business model. So, I’m fairly certain that these folks won’t be the readers that will like my blog.
    And, that’ but what one example…

  6. Alice Gerard says:

    Hi, great time, Martha! My twitter handle is @alicesbears

  7. Martha says:

    Hi Alice, thanks for following twitter, I found you and following!

  8. Martha says:

    My blog is just a fun blog, no niche or heavy reading. I’m guessing bloggers like this would be the ones to follow it. Thanks for visiting!

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