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When it comes to grocery shopping, I am always looking for more ways to save besides sale prices and coupons.  There are a few apps I use to earn points for gift cards or PayPal. While you won’t get rich, all the savings add up.  These are some of the easy receipt earning apps I use to earn.



With some of the apps, I scan receipts to earn points towards gift cards or PayPal.   There are also a few that you check the list and if you have purchased any of the products, just scan the product and your receipt and your from them also.

Here are some of my favorites, but I’m checking often to see if there are any new ones that have come out.




Ibotta is one of my favorites and easy to earn by scanning the products you’ve purchased.  The list of stores from grocery, drug stores, restaurants, clothing and many more are loaded with rebates just for scanning your product and receipt.  Minimum cash out is $20.00 into PayPal.   If you use my referral code, zckzva, and you can earn an extra $10 on your first product scan. Sign up at https://ibotta.com/r/zckzva




Another app I earn by scanning products I’ve purchased is Checkout 51. This is for both Android and iOS.  This site also has a $20.00 minimum into PayPal. You can check it out here:  www.Checkout51.com


Did you know you can earn just by scanning your receipts?  Some are only for grocery stores, drug stores and convenient stores but on others, you can scan any receipt even including fast food and gas stations.




One of my favorites is Yaarlo.  You can start getting paid for any of your receipts with Yaarlo! Plus, earn more if you join with my code: MARTHADE749 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yaarlo   To  earn points faster, you can also complete short surveys.  Other ways to earn on Yaarlo is Gift ‘n Earn and Shop ‘n Earn.  Purchase gift cards or shop from the list of store and earn a percentage of your total purchase. There is a $25.00 minimum cash out but there are lots of gift cards to choose from.




ReceiptPal is super easy to earn on. With this site, you can scan any receipt from grocery store, fast food, gas station and any other receipt as long as it has a name and date on it.  Once you fill up a card, you earn 400 points and it brings up a new card to start filling up. Gift card cash out is as low as 400 points which takes only four receipts. So just for scanning four receipts, you can earn a $1.00 Amazon gift card. Check this out and start earning with www.ReceiptPal.com


Receipt Hog is another site but this one is just for grocery, drug or convenient stores.  They have sweepstakes plus you can earn spins for extra points. There are four different payout levels but I wait until I get to the highest because that’s the best deal.  1000 coins is $5, 2900 coins is $15, 4300 coins is $25 or 6500 coins is $40.  You can see the big difference by saving to the highest cash out level and you have your choice of PayPal or Amazon gift cards.    This is a fun way to earn cash or gift cards www.ReceiptHog.com

Some of the sites are capped when they reach a amount of members so if you check one out and it says they aren’t accepting new members, just try again in a few weeks and they may have reopened it.  As you can see I love saving when I shop and these are just a few of the sites that I earn from.  I call them my Penny Apps, but pennies add up and turn into dollars!

I have been using all these sites for quite some time and have cashed out on all of them many times.  It’s quick and easy and who doesn’t like a little extra cash or some free gift cards!







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  1. Thanks- I love to use JoAnn coupons. Never pay full price for anything there. Now you have given me even more to look forward to.

  2. Martha says:

    Coupons are definitely the way to go Linda! If I don’t have a coupon or if a product is not on sale, I don’t shop. LOL Hope some of these apps get you a few more pennies. You can get something more at JoAnn’s! Thanks for stopping by.

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