Swagbucks Resolution Challenge

Swagbucks Resolution Challenge

Did I hear CHALLENGE?? If so, count me in!  I’m always up to a challenge whether it be the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a photo challenge, a challenge to complete a project at work or any other challenge.  So when I saw that one of my earning sites had a challenge, I jumped on it!  Swagbucks is one of the earning sites I do daily to earn points by watching videos, doing surveys or offers, printing out coupons (you can bet I do this all the time), online shopping and even playing games plus many other fun ways to earn.  In January they had a 2018 Swagbucks Resolution Challenge where you had to come up with the number of points for each of the listed groups and if you reached the number of points in the challenge, you would be awarded that many extra points.


This was the list that had to be filled out before the challenge started.  I didn’t want to go too high but I also didn’t want to go too low since that wouldn’t have been a challenge to me.  I had to figure how many points I would earn in the month of January, my personal goal is 200 per day but on the safe side, I figured if I could get at least 150 each day, I would end up with 4500 points at the end of the month.  I usually like to plan on a few surveys a week but since that doesn’t always happen, I decided to play it safe with that category.  The same on the SB Local Transactions, you have to shop at local stores for points but since we only have one in the area, I knew I won’t get there often within the month. If I complete my Swagbucks Resolution Challenge I will be awarded an extra 619 points, which is $6.19. I already received 888 bonus points for completing all the goals from December so that means I’ll fill my piggy bank with an extra $15.07.  That’s on top of the $45.00 that I figured for my monthly total.


Two weeks into the challenge, I received an update as to my progress. I was very impressed that I was way over the half way point in what I had hoped for.  I was lagging on the Swag Codes because instead of adding the daily codes to the site, you have to add them to the swag extension.  If I was out on an appointment, I couldn’t do that so I was a bit stressed that I may not make my goal only because of this simple task.


Lucky for me when I received my three-week update, I had way surpassed all my goals and jumped way ahead on my swag codes.  I still had 9 days left and only needed 2 more codes.

A few days ago, the Resolution Challenge bonuses came out, I completed the challenge and was awarded my 619 bonus points!  Yep, if there’s a challenge, I go for it!


Join Swagbucks!
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Swagbucks is a great site and it’s fun and easy to earn points for PayPal or Gift Cards.  If you want to check out this cool site, click on the above link and have fun making some extra cash!  Let me know if you sign up and I’ll help you get started on your way to earning free gift cards!





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Martha Demeo

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Andria Perry says:

    Way to go!

  2. Another tracking site. And, if I had the time, I’d probably consider using it via one of my alias computers. But, I fear it gets linked to your paypal account and I would be unwilling to share that data, too

  3. Martha says:

    Thanks Andria, Some people say “its’ only $6.19”, but it all ads up!

  4. Martha says:

    I’ve been using this site for years and have never had any problems Roy, but I don’t keep a lot of $$ in Paypal, I transfer it often. Thanks for stopping by.

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