My Favorite Song is Very Special   WOW, seems like the Ultimate Blog Challenge just started and now I’m half way through the month.  There are two suggested topics for today, one is a favorite song and the other is a motto you live by.  Since I couldn’t decide one just one, I’m sharing both.         I have a few favorite songs but my all time favorite is the song that was played at hubby’s and my wedding 50 years ago. I have also enjoyed hearing Ave

Super Special Favorite Number Do you have a favorite number?  I have always liked 13 and never consider it unlucky.  After our 7 grandchildren were born, everything seems to turn to 7.   But for today my super special favorite number is 50!   I’ll get the small stuff out-of-the-way first, one month ago on June 15th, I reached 50,000 views on my blog that I started on December 25, 2014.  So that’s my 50 plus a few extra zeros.  I like keeping an eye on my stats and see where they

INCREASE BLOG VISITORS LET’S FOLLOW EACH OTHER!   WOW, we’re on Day 14, two full weeks of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! How are you doing on the challenge? Have you written a blog for each day so far? No problem if you missed a day, you can double up on a day and catch up!  There are different ways to increase both your visitors and views, one is sharing your blogs on different social media sites.   Another way to increase blog visitors is to have your visitors follow your

THURSDAY TREE LOVE Week 17 ANGEL TREE   Last week I found this terrific idea for blogging by sharing a tree every week.    It’s called Thursday Tree Love  week 17 is now but it’s only my 2nd post. The rules are simple, share a photo of a tree and link it back to where you can visit other bloggers who have joined in on this cool blog! My tree photo this week is a beautiful majestic live oak tree which is said to be between 400 and 500 years

STATS AFTER SEVEN DAYS How are you doing with the Ultimate Blog Challenge? I don’t know about you but I get so excited when a new quarter starts because it gets me back on blogging track!  I checked my stats after seven days and what a jump from the last seven days when no challenge!   On July 1st I had 50,613 views and 7 days later, it jumped to 51,325.   I really slacked off on blogging the past few months and it really showed in my stats!  I compared

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