BEANS, SAUSAGE, HAM MEAL I’m always looking for delicious meals that are both easy to prepare and economical.   I was reading some posts on Facebook the other day and my friend had the most awesome looking crock pot meal so I asked if she would like to share her recipe.  Chantel R. cooks like I do, her recipes are in her head, she doesn’t measure and adds ingredients as she cooks!   This is Chantel’s delicious recipe for her Beans, Sausage, Ham meal that she is sharing to my

Dodgers Faced Adversity     ADVERSITY: Difficult or unfavorable situation.  For today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge this is the suggested topic to write about. I had a few ideas in mind but after watching Game One of the MLB National League Championship Series I decided to write about how the LA Dodgers faced adversity during the game.   The MLB National League Championship Series had their first game on Saturday October 14, with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs at Dodgers Stadium.  During the 7th inning of the game LA

Earning Sites Job Gosh we are two weeks into the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the suggested topic is to talk about a service or product we sell.  My day job is the interior decorating and drapery workroom business that hubby and I have owned for 50 years but today I’m going to tell you about my earning sites job that I work on in the evenings when I wind down from our full day’s work. Did you know there are many legit online earning sites where you can earn from

Friday the 13th Yes, today is Friday the 13th but I’m not superstitious, in fact the number 13 is one of my lucky numbers.   We live in a tourist town and some of the high rise condos skip the 13th floor!  It’s seem strange to be in the elevator and be in the 12th floor and the next step is the 14th floor.  But to some, they are superstitious and I’ve heard some don’t even leave the house when the 13th falls on a Friday!   So how did

Song Stuck in your Head Did you ever get a song stuck in your head and you either sing, whistle or hum it all day?  Since this is today’s blog challenge topic it reminded me of a few weeks ago when hubby and I were back in upstate New York for my 50th high school reunion. We were walking into Price Chopper and they had the music playing through the outside speakers.  As soon as I heard the song, I started singing along with it!  As we entered the store,

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