Create a List of My Favorite Blog Posts Gosh, the Ultimate Blog Challenge is half way through the month!  The suggested topic for today, Day 15, is to create a resource list. There are many different resource lists that can be created such as links to sites for different products, a list a favorite social media tools, fun activities to do with children and even a list of favorite Blog posts.   Since today marks 18 years since God called my dear mother home, it wasn’t hard to create a list

BOOK REVIEW     For today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge, the suggested topic is to write a book review about a recently read book and point out something from the book.  I don’t read many “real” books anymore since e-books were born but I do have a few that I enjoy keeping handy.  One of them is “ADORED 365 DEVOTIONS FOR YOUNG WOMEN”.     This is such a great book to explore God’s love for us.  There is a short scripture verse and devotional message for every day of the

  Winner is Announced The other day my blog topic was to add a caption to a photo.  I decided to use a photo I took while in the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina because of the beautiful rays shining down on the water. Actually when I took this photo, I didn’t even notice the rays until I viewed it on my phone.  After a very hard decision, the winner is announced for a $10.00 Gift Card. The readers all had great captions and it was so hard to decide

Inspired By A Quote The suggested topic for day 12 on the Ultimate Blog Challenge is be Inspired By a Quote. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I have a wonderful book with 365 Inspirational Quotes that I try to read daily.  I didn’t get a chance to read it earlier so when I read it for my blog, and after the day I had, it couldn’t have been a better daily quote.     Both my hubby and I are always ready to help anyone out but lately

Throw Back Thursday Today is Throw Back Thursday and when looking through my past blog posts, I came across one I wrote on this day in 2016.  It was about how I re-purpose items to save money.  When our new refrigerator was delivered, I took all the drawers from the old one before the delivery service trashed it.  I ended up using all the drawers and bins to reorganize my food pantry. This is the blog I wrote two years ago:  After re-reading that blog post, I decided to

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