Pura Stainless Bottles  I was one of the lucky 50 applicants to be chosen to host a Pura Stainless Bottles Party and I must say I am very impressed with this bottles and variety of sizes.  The best thing I like about the Pura Stainless Bottles is they are 100% plastic-free and certified non-toxic by a third-party.  With stainless there is no worry about glass or plastic that cracks or shatters.  It’s also much healthier because there are no chemicals in stainless like in some plastic bottles. The Pura stainless

Two Milestones On the Same Day!   Last year on August 28, 2016, my husband and I had two milestones on the same day and what a wonderful day that was!   The milestones actually both came at the same time and what an exciting moment that was.  It’s a day that the memories will stay with us forever.       Our oldest grandson married his lovely bride at Reading Farms in Vermont. Talk about an exquisite place, there was a gorgeous old home with acres of rolling hills,

Instant Light When Needed What a great 2 pack of LED lanterns but they come in handy for so much more than just camping. The lanterns give you instant light when needed.  They are easy to store and they don’t take up any more room than a drinking glass.   The metal handles fold to the sides of the base and when you need light, just pull them up and raise the top of the lantern to the desired amount of light needed. I like how it stays where I

YELLOW BUTTERFLIES For the past few weeks, I have seen yellow butterflies softly fluttering around our backyard, going from one flowering bush to another.  The always seem to come around in the late afternoon and stay for a few hours.  I decided to look up the meaning of the yellow butterfly and this is what I found. There are many different myths, symbolisms, legends and folklore about the yellow butterfly, you can believe which ever you feel.     The yellow butterfly symbolizes hope and guidance.  It was the symbol

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY AWESOME SUNSET  I didn’t get any super photos of the solar eclipse but that evening we had the most awesome sunset that ended a beautiful day looking up to the sky.   All these photos of the awesome sunset were taken with my Google Pixel LS phone without any editing.  All I did was open the front door and snap the pictures!  Did you get any awesome photos of the solar eclipse or sunset?

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