Essential Oil Flea Treatment There is nothing more irritating to both dogs and humans as fleas!!  It’s irritating to humans because we don’t want to see our dogs in agony with scratching and rubbing their skin raw from fleas.  While there are many commercial products for flea prevention, I prefer to use the natural approach as it’s safer since there are no chemicals and it’s more economical. My essential oil flea treatment makes your dog smell good also! I love using essential oils for many things around the house from

LED Light Box     I love this LED Light Box! It’s so easy to use, just attach in the USB cable that is included to the light box and plug into your computer or wall adapter. It’s even great to take on trips as it can be charged with the cell phone charger. If you have kids, this would be a great way to keep them occupied on a long trip. With the three different brightness levels, I can choose between 35%, 70% or 100%, depending how thick the

OUR FRESH VEGETABLES ARE READY!     I love fresh vegetables and when they come out of our own backyard garden, the seem to taste even better!  Our small raised bed garden is 8′ square, made with landscape timbers but sure is packed.  I left space between all the plants but you sure can’t tell now.  The cucumbers are trailing through the yard and the squash vines are overtaking the other side of the garden. Our six-week old vegetable garden is growing like leaps and bounds! I wrote a blog

LAUREL CROWN HANDCRAFTED FURNITURE Are you dreaming of beautiful custom-made furniture to compliment your beautiful home?  When you make an investment like this, you will want good design, quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. With 26 years of experience building fine furniture, Laurel Crown Handcrafted Furniture uses fine hardwoods, solid joinery techniques and hand-tied upholstery just to name a few of the ways they excel in the way they craft the furniture.   There are many designs on the Laurel Crown website from living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home office and

Stuffed Peppers – From Garden To Table   I planted my small raised bed vegetable garden on April 13, 2017 and it is so much fun to watch the plants grow, the blossoms appear and turn into vegetables.  This is my time line of my Stuffed Peppers – From Garden To Table.  My hubby loves stuffed peppers and I asked some of my friends for help with a recipe since I never made one!  I took bits and pieces from those that gave me recipe ideas and it was so

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