Child Safety Locks These child safety locks can be a lifesaver.   Little ones move quick and with all the chemicals under the sink, these child safety locks work great. They are also perfect for drawers with sharp objects like scissors and knives.   They are easy to install and once installed a small child is unable to open them but for an adult, just push and slide to remove the lock from the piece that attaches to the cabinet.    I like the adjustable strap so the locks work

Adorable Princess Castle Top Tent   What a wonderful tent for both inside the home or outside.   It’s perfect for a special little one that dreams of being a princess.  What fun they will have in this adorable princess castle top tent.   The tent needs to be put together but it is easy with the four sturdy poles.  They are attached but in three sections, just snap them together, insert each one in the little pocket at the top of the point, the angled part of the pole, is

Stainless Steel Vegetable Grill Basket  I have many Cave Tool products and as with all of them, this stainless steel vegetable grill basket is a superb product.   Being as it’s stainless, I don’t have to worry about rust which is a big concern for me while grilling.  I grill year round and I have “lost” so many vegetables through the grill grates but with the vegetable basket, the vegetables grill perfectly and there is no way to have them drop through the grates.   I like the square shape

Manorware Glass Containers   If you are searching for glass containers, you have to see all the great features on the awesome Manorware Glass Containers. They are non-porous, oven safe glass that can go in a oven up to 425 degrees.  I like glass containers because they don’t hold odor or stains and they keep their shape, unlike the plastic containers that end up staining.   But that’s not the only reason why these containers are so wonderful.  I can bake in them, microwave in them, store left overs in the

Mosquito Net Topped Hammock   I have had parachute fabric hammocks previously but none can compared to this Topist mosquito net topped hammock. The fabric is 100% parachute cloth, it’s lightweight but strong and it’s also breathable.  It can roll up and fit in the small bag that is attached to the side of the hammock so no worry about wondering where you put the storage bag.  This hammock is so quick and easy to set up and start relaxing in.  On each end of the hammock is a heavy

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