NOT A GOOD WAY TO TREAT DEAF CUSTOMERS This is a guest post from my Facebook friend Ruthie B. where she and her husband share their experience of how they were treated at their local McDonald’s.  Ruthie is totally deaf plus her husband is hearing impaired and this is not a good way to treat deaf customers. This was writing by Ruthie’s husband, Donald.     What a Welcome visit I got at McDonald’s drive thru window at 6100 University Drive NW in Huntsville, Alabama 35815 last Saturday February 25,2017 at

Double Wall Thermo Glasses   These glasses were individually wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a heavy box with dividers so they could not move around in shipping.  I love my new 6 set Ozeri Serafino 16 ounce double wall thermo glasses.     It’s so easy to hold with the contour around the center plus the double-wall keeps your hands cool with hot drinks and they don’t get cold holding a frozen drink. I also like how they are free of condensation so no dripping rings on the table.

  DreamSky Tactical Flashlight Let there be light with the 3 beams, high, medium and low plus an emergency flasher on this DreamSky Tactical Flashlight. The case is  a durable aluminum body and shock-resistance so no worry during rough handling.     I have had many similar lights but I like how I can charge the battery with a USB cable. After the flashlight is charged, just push the rubber tab over the charging port to keep dust and water out. No need to be without light, I can keep

REMOVE ANDROID APPS THAT HAVE GRAYED OUT UNINSTALL TAB I’m sure everyone knows how to uninstall an app from their android phone. It’s as easy as going to Application Manager in your Settings, click the uninstall tab and the app is uninstalled.  But have you every downloaded an app with the uninstall tab grayed out?  This happened to me when I added a lock screen app.  I have a few different lock screen apps on my Android phone and all work fine plus I earn a pennies each day.  When I downloaded the

Sunshine and Happiness     Life isn’t always sunshine and happiness for teens.  Some try hard to please everyone only to be knocked down.  For many in this situation, they would feel sorry for themselves and complain how things aren’t going their way.  For others, they get up, dust themselves off and start walking down a new path without looking back.   This is about a young man whose life for the past few years has been a challenge but he kept walking forward.  He is now 18 years old

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