52 Week Money Challenge   I have done the 52 Week Money Challenge for a few years and it’s a great way to save plus it’s fun to watch your savings add up.  You start by saving $1.00 the first week, $2.00 the second week and adding a dollar to each week until you get to week 52 with $52.00.  At the end of the year, you will have saved $1378.00.   The first year I saved with the 52 Week Money Challenge this way of starting with $1.00 but

Delicious Sliced Potatoes     I have had my Chef’s Choice Food Slicer since March and love how it slices meats and cheese.   While I was preparing the potatoes for dinner, I started slicing them very thin with a knife and then I realized I could slice them the perfect width in less time with my food slicer!  I made the most delicious sliced potatoes with onions and bacon for dinner.     Look how quick and easy the food slicer makes the potatoes perfect on every slice. I sliced four

Cave Tools Burger Press Patty Maker     When you make burger patties, do your hands get a coating of the ground beef on them that isn’t the easiest to wash off?  Well with the Cave Tools Burger Press Patty Maker your hands hardly touch the beef.  It’s so easy to make perfect burgers by filling the bottom part of the press with the ground beef, push the top down over the meat and it makes a perfect burger 1/4 or 1/3 pound burger.   The press has a comfortable

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY HAS COLOR Last week I participated in the Black and White Blog Photo Challenge and it was so much fun.  One of my viewers had commented on the photos for Day 4 and mentioned she would love to see the pictures for that day in color.  So I decided to show my viewers the photos in color for my Wordless Wednesday Has Color post.   ***********************************  If you missed my black and white photos of these pictures, here is the link:  http://themarthareview.com/black-and-white-blog-photo-challenge-day-4/   The first photo is the same but

Beautiful Pictures On Gold Jewelry     Have you ever wanted that one of a kind gift item for someone special?  I found the perfect site to add photos and text to jewelry!  The beautiful Pictures On Gold Jewelry has the most gorgeous styles of photo jewelry and in a variety of shapes and finishes.  Whether you’re looking for a necklace, bracelet, ring or even specialty jewelry, PicturesOnGold.com is the place to find the perfect gift. My husband and I recently celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary and the beautiful Build Your

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