Five Blogs I Recently Discovered     I have so enjoy participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge in 2016 and now again in 2017.   Some of the bloggers I met last year are still in the challenge this year and it’s exciting to re-connect with them and connect with new to me bloggers. I look forward to checking the daily post on the Ultimate Blog Challenge Facebook page and reading the awesome posts that the bloggers have written.  I love learning about their challenges, the helpful tips and their

Recent Experience with Domino’s Pizza   Do you let a company know when you are satisfied with a product or just when there is a problem?  I  like to do both but when something isn’t exactly up to standards, I still try to find something positive to mention.  This is how I handled a recent experience with Domino’s Pizza. I placed an online order and stopped to pick up the pizza on the way home from work. I order online for two reasons, the first is you get points for

HAVE FUN AND EARN WITH PRIZE REBEL I LOVE this earning site, it has such wide variety of ways to earn Gift Cards or PayPal!   Why play computer games and not earn anything when you can have fun and earn with Prize Rebel!! Let me explain a little about the site to you.  First, all you have to do is sign up  here: PRIZE REBEL SIGNUP Once you have signed up with your account information, you are on the way to earning points and collecting all those awesome GIFT CARDS or PAY PAL!!

The Beauty of a Rose       The beauty of a Rose begins with a bud. When a new day arrives, the changes appear.       The bud slowly opens, soft petals we see. The color so vibrant, the smell is so sweet.     A Rose in full bloom is a beautiful sight. With petals like velvet, God’s beauty we see.     This is one of the roses in our garden that blooms over and over from early spring until December. I love how the petals change

I Don’t Need Pictures To Remember    How far back can you remember things that happened in your life?  I’m going through my mind and at almost 68 years old, I can still see things from well over 65 years ago.  There are some things that I don’t need pictures to remember since I have them etched in my heart. My dad and I had great times that I can still see.   Growing up in a small rural town with my parents, grandparents, my older sister and later on,

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