Awesome Flashlight This is an awesome flashlight and even though it’s small and compact, it offers so much brightness when needed and it’s heavy duty. I like that it comes with a rechargeable battery and charger, plus as a backup if needed it runs on 3 – AAA batteries (not included). Just slip the 3 batteries in the battery holder and drop it in the shaft of the flashlight. This comes in very handy while charging the rechargeable battery so you will also have the flashlight ready when needed. When the battery is charging

What a Dinner I do cook more than just eggs and stir fry but my oh my, it’s so good!   Today I made such a quick, inexpensive meal and what a dinner it was! Once again, I’m using what we had in the refrigerator so I started pulling things out one by one.   I started with an onion, a pepper and a summer squash, then a few potatoes.  I know, we are taught young not to play with our food but I couldn’t resist building food legos! LOL

Bathtub Mat for Toddlers There is nothing more scary than having your little one slip in the bathtub.   With this bathtub mat for toddlers, it keeps that from happening.   I love the bright colors and fun design on the 15″ by 27″ bathtub mat.  With the little bubbles on the front of the mat, this gives extra protection from slipping around in the tub.  I like the oval shape, there are no squared corners that are sometimes sharp.  With the oval, there is nothing to worry about with

Portable Induction Burner Wow, am I impressed with the portable induction burner I recently ordered.  After opening the box, my first thought was, “how does this work” but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is.  I like the gloss black top with the stainless sides, it goes great with my stove top and refrigerator. Along with the induction burner, there is a magnet in the box to test and make sure the pans you use are compatible with the burner.  This Bellemain burner works with all magnetic metal cookware

Motorized Tie and Belt Organizer This motorized tie and belt organizer is such a great way to keep your ties and belts neat and orderly.   It’s so easy to install on your closet rod and it looks great also.  It measures about 8″ wide and 18″ long so you will need to make sure you have enough room from the back of the rod to have to operate freely. It works on 4 – C Batteries (not included) and the battery compartment is in the front part of the rack.  I

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