NATIONAL CHEESE LOVERS DAY How perfect is this!  Today is National Cheese Lovers Day plus the suggested topic for the Ultimate Blog Challenge is “Share Your Two Cents”.   So you guessed it, I’m sharing my two cents about National Cheese Lovers Day!  My granddaughter and I both love cheese and it seems like we can throw cheese into just about any meal we are preparing. When I’m cooking meals with cheese, I get a bit carried away with cheese overload!  Whether it be omelets, eggplant, tuna sandwiches or my famous

  BUCKET LIST The January Ultimate Blog Challenge is moving right along with day 19, we have less than two weeks to go!  Today’s suggested topic is to write about something on your bucket list. I’ve tried to come up with something but I can’t think of anything I especially want to do before I “kick the bucket”.   ,,                                                 1966             

Finding a Home Health Aide for Mother in Law This is my journey of trying to get a home health aide for mother in law both for helping her and keeping my sanity. Trying to get my 100-year-old mother-in-law to accept the fact that she needs someone to help her with her daily activities has not been easy at all. The one setback is mom is hard of hearing so trying to communicate with her is a challenge. The other challenge is, mom is in upstate New York and we

A Day in History As the days tick by for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, day 17 suggested topic is A Day in History.  The topic could be something from the past, either personal or business or even the world’s past.  Since it is Wednesday, I decided to turn this into A Day in History Word (not Wordless) Wednesday.   I searched back through some of the window treatments my hubby and I have designed and fabricated in our shop, some from years past. Although they are not all from A day

  100th Birthday Celebration – Five Generations It’s hard to believe we are pushing past the half way point of the January Ultimate Blog Challenge, the days seem to be flying by!  Today’s suggested topic is to simply share a favorite picture.  The idea is to see how many views, shares and comments the post will generate.  Who knows, a photo may even go viral!  So now it’s your turn to help me out by sharing to your social media, leaving a comment and liking the photo.  Of course I

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